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FIFA 19 POTS Gignac SBC - New Player Of The Season Gignac SBC Cheapest Solution

12/5/2018 1:10:49 PM

Another player SBC Gignac SBC has been released on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team who’s the winner of the season FIFA 19 POTS Liga Bancomer MX lots of people have been discussing in FIFA 19 Reddit whether to invest for that. So today we Goldkk.com will bring you the cheapest solution to complete this FIFA 19 MX POTS Squad Building Challenge and get POTS Gignac 86.

FIFA 19 POTS Gignac

FIFA 19 POTS Gignar SBC - Liga Bancomer MX 


At least 2 France Players

84 Team Overall Rating

80 team Chemistry

11 Players in the Squad

Rewards: 1 Gignac(Untradeable)

Here is the FIFA 19 Player of the Season Gignac SBC cheapest method we've chosen for you.

POTS Liga Bancomer MX SBC - Gignac SBC TOTS Cheapest Solution

Fut formation/lineup: 4-2-3-1

84 rating

82 chemistry

It will cost you about 60K FIFA coins with no loyalty and 2 position changes.

POTS Liga Bancomer MX SBC

FIFA 19 Gignac POTS SBC - Mexican Player Of The Season Gignac Player Review

In cooperation with the French Football League, has chosen the Liga Bancomer MX professionals who performed best in the season. And to get this solid card Gignac POTS you just need to complete one SBC which is Liga Bancomer MX SBC that cost around 60K FIFA 19 coins. And it will be out there for 6 days.

Mexican Player Of The Month Gignac Player Review

Gignac is described as a "powerful and dangerous" striker who is known for his "aerial presence. The first impressions to people is he does look quite a nice card, pace could do with some work but all the other stats are looking solid. 86 rated with great 88 shooting, 79 passing, 81 dribbling, 87 physicality, the only disadvantage is his 48 defending, so he’s not good at tackling. But his 89 heading accuracy maybe can make up for that a little bit. It’s still a good card to pick.

So have you invested this new POTS SBC FIFA 19? Want to buy FIFA 19 coins to complete Gignac SBC as soon as possible as you only have 6 days to complete it? Just come to Goldkk.com to buy cheap FIFA 19 coins PS4, PC, Switch and XBOX ONE!

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