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Fifa 19 Lunar New Year Event - Free Gifts, Promo Packs, Themed Sbc And Other Offers

2/8/2019 3:55:32 PM

in fifa 19 fut, fans can expect the 2019 lunar new year event in ultimate team. this promotion could provide free packs, promo packs, kits, sbcs and other content.

fifa 19 lunar new year event

get a free pack now: ea recently launched a community reward action. depending on the number of days you have logged into fut 19, you will receive a free pack:

9 to 50 filing days: 1 jumbo premium gold pack

51 to 100 days: 1 prime gold player set

101 to 131 days: 1 rare mega pack

132+ days: 1 ultimate pack

this community reward including kit is available since 5 february. and it is available for a week. log in as soon as possible to receive it.

everything we know so far about the fifa 19 lunar new year event

quick info about "lunar new year":

- the lunar new year represents the beginning of a new year in chinese culture.

- on february 5, 2019, the "year of the pig" began.

- lunar new year has traditionally been celebrated in ultimate team mode since fifa 12.

does fut 19 still have a lunar new year event? although lunar new year was already, no event started in fut 19. instead, ea revealed on 5 feburary. the community rewards. such free packs were available last year as part of the lunar new year event.

currently, the lunar new year is hidden in the weeks objectives of fut 19. one gets a jersey when scoring 8 goals with csl players. but is there more? will the community rewards replace the lunar new year event?

fifa 19 lunar new year will probably start yet

official information from ea is still pending, but the past shows that you can still count on a "lunar new year" event. because new events usually start on fridays in fut 19 - and last year the lunar new year event also started on a friday. currently the headlining event is still running.

when does fifa 19 lunar new year start in fut 19? expected on the 8th of february. the appointment is not confirmed.

how long does lunar new year take? for the past few years, the event has been running for three days. so probably until 11 february.

what content does lunar new year offer? we are expecting:

- promo packs and lightning rounds

- packs with coin discounts

- exclusive squad building challenges, including flash sbcs

- new kits - although there is already one about the weekly task, until the 8 february. at 18 o'clock uk.

- free packs - these are already available through community rewards. probably ea does not pull on the donor pants again.

at the latest on 8 february. we learn whether fut 19 celebrates the lunar new year extensively.

fifa 19 lunar new year event market crash and investment

this will prepare you for the possible event

saves coins: if you want to indulge in the allure of the pack opening, you can create a fifa coin supply in advance to be able to strike at the pack offers. after all, top cards are currently available in the totw 21. in principle, however, it is not recommended to use coins in sets.

market crash to lunar new year: instead, our recommendation is to access with the accumulated fut 19 coins on some bargains in the transfer market. because during the event many packs are likely to be opened, which will flood the market with players and thus lower the prices of many cards. if you want better kicker for your team, then the fifa  19 coins prefers to invest directly in the players. if you want to stock some cheap fifa 19 coins for the event, welcome to goldkk.com.

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