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Fifa 20 Release Date, Price, Platforms, Cover Star, New Features, Leagues, Icons And More Content

4/24/2019 5:32:09 PM

all about fifa 20, the next ea sports football video game: release date, price, cover star vote platforms, new leagues, icons, game modes, new features and news.

fifa 20 release date, price, platforms, cover star, new features, leagues, icons and more content

after fifa 19, the ea sports saga will continue with fifa 20, the new edition of the football video game loved by thousands of fans around the world. fifa 20 will be the 26th chapter of the ea sports soccer series. after the acquisition of the champions league rights in 2019, even in the new release, which will see its release in the fall, the news will certainly not be missing. here you will find out the most detailed information about fifa 20!


fifa 20 release date

when will fifa 20 be released?

ea sports has not yet announced an official release date for fifa 20. however, in the latest editions the football video game was released at the end of september, to be exact the last friday of september. if so, the 2020 edition could come out on friday 27 september 2019.


fifa 20 price

how much will fifa 20 cost?

as already happened in previous editions, fifa 2020 will also come with different price ranges depending on the content offered to users. it is likely in particular that the video game will come in 3 versions, the standard one and another two still to be defined.

it is possible that the prices are similar to those of fifa 19. if this were the case, the standard version of the video game would cost € 69.99. in the 2019 edition there are then two other versions: the champions, containing some upgrades compared to the basic one, sold at the price of 79.99 euros and the most complete, and the ultimate, containing more objects for the fut mode and the other options of play with a price of 99.00 euros.


fifa 20 trailer

when will the fifa 20 trailer be released?

the first teaser trailer for fifa 20 should be released on the first day of the ea play event, scheduled for the hollywood palladium in los angeles and scheduled for june 7-9. meanwhile, here are some previews of the video game:


fifa 20 platforms

on which platforms will fifa 20 be available?

fifa 20 will be released as usual for various videogame platforms. pending the announcement of the new generations of consoles (PS 5 and xbox scarlett), the new version of the ea sports football video game will undoubtedly be available for PS 4, xbox one and personal computer (pc).

a version of fifa 20, probably less rich than the main 3, should also be launched for the mobile platforms and nintendo switch. the big news of the fifa 20 version could, however, be represented by stadia, google's new streaming service which should allow gamers to be able to play on any device, be it a tv, a pc or a tablet, of course provided you have a connection stable and fast.


fifa 20 cover star

who will be on the cover of fifa 20?

fifa 20 does not yet have a cover and an official testimonial. in the 2019 edition neymar, kevin de bruyne and paulo dybala took the scepter. hardly cristiano ronaldo, present on the cover of fifa 18, will find space on the cover of fifa 20, also because of the known extracalcist events.

all the clues at the moment converge on psg star kylian mbappé, world champion and current top scorer of ligue 1 with the psg shirt, but we will have to wait for the official announcement. the presence of lionel messi, who became konami's pes testimonial, is unlikely.

fifa users and enthusiasts have made their decision in the fifa 20 cover vote presented by fifpro: on the cover of fifa 20 they want neither the argentine star nor the portuguese one. no, their choice fell on an unsuspected: heung min son. yes, he himself, the korean striker in force at tottenham. what then, to be honest, this choice does not have the sensational. the reason? for some seasons, users have nicknamed the korean sonaldo. let's say that from the average fifa gamer, the spurs striker is appreciated and not a little for his excellent features. the ball now passes to ea sports. it is not certain that he decides to consider this survey. but if it were to do so, the cover of fifa 20 would be surprising.

fifa 20 cover star


fifa 20 new features & news

what new features and contents will be in fifa 20?

the novelties contained in fifa 2020 will be revealed in full by ea sports in the aforementioned los angeles fair at the beginning of june or in the following e3, which will always be held in the city of angels from tuesday 11 june to friday 14. there may be four, however, the most important ones:

introduction of the var: fifa 2020 could be the one where the var will be seen for the first time even in a video game

new mode "the journey": closed the story of alex hunter with fifa 19, there is great curiosity to see with whom the protagonist of the well-known game mode will be replaced. even from this point of view, the los angeles fair.

variable weather: that of variable weather during the same game is a novelty that has been talked about for several years, and that could become part of the novelties of fifa 20.

virtual reality: the devices of the so-called "virtual reality" have appeared in various videogames and could also be introduced in the new edition of fifa.

fifa 19 leagues

in a poll, fans were asked which leagues they would want for fifa 20. these are the current results. that's what the poll says: the fifplay.com site has selected a number of leagues in their poll that fifa 19 does not have. it wants to know from the fans which of the electoral leagues should be included in fifa 20. there are a number of leagues from all over the world to choose from, from the german regional league, the fourth highest league, to the "trinidad & tobago league". although it is not an official survey, developer ea sports is likely to take a closer look, with over 2.2 million fans participating in the process (22.4).

fifa 20 icons

as in the last fifa editions, even in 2020 there will be so-called icons, legends of the past that can be used in fut mode, fifa ultimate team to reinforce your team, or by buying them with the money earned by the team or by winning them as prizes with challenges sbc.

in fifa 19 all 32 icons were present in 3 different versions and values. the 2020 roster could further expand with the inclusion of other past champions such as totti, pirlo, zidane and many others. as for the icons, something could be revealed during the los angeles fair.

fifa 20 ultimate team

also in the fifa 20 fut mode will be confirmed, which allows players to create their own team and improve it with fifa 20 coins & points thanks to the results on the field and winning particular challenges. ea sports also announced some new features for this game mode in the 2020 edition of videogames, which will be unveiled during the ea play event or e3. 

fifa 20 champions league

yes, the champions league, as well as the europa league and the european supercup, will also be present in fifa 20. the agreement with uefa is indeed of three years duration and will therefore also be worth for the next edition!

what do you think? what innovations do you wish for fifa 20? stay tuned! in this section, over the months, here you will find all the official news, rumors, and even the first images concerning the next title - fifa 20. 


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