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Fifa 20 Volta Mode, Features & Gameplay Changes: New Fifa Street, Free Kicks And Ball Physics

6/10/2019 2:47:30 PM

the ea play has officially shown the first scenes from fifa 20. all information about the fifa 20 new mode volta, gameplay features and improvements can be found here.

fifa 20 volta mode, features & gameplay changes


that's how the reveal of fifa 20 went: in the stream of the ea play game scenes from fifa 20 were shown for the first time. host alex "goldenboy" mendez spoke with lead producer sam riveira about the new features in fifa 20. and there are plenty of them.

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fifa 20 gameplay changes - that's what makes fifa 20 different

ea promised improvements: even before the presentation, ea sports had announced that they wanted to address the criticism of the fifa 19 players.

so the game is now changed: at the ea play producer sam riveira said that the community had a big impact on the new part. the whole thing culminated in the new system "football intelligence".

this is "football intelligence": there should be a new gameflow. this allows players to do more in offensive situations. this consists of several individual features:

- one-on-one situations are improved.

- fifa 20 weakens the ai defense. but it should act as an intelligent support for the player.

- tacklings are much more rewarding with the new "controlled tackling". if you stop the opponent at the right moment, you also get the ball.

- ai-controlled players are more involved in the game, making more types of scoring opportunities possible. the "natural player motion" should provide realistic behavior on the square.

- while it remains possible while dribbling, skill moves string together - but this is more difficult and should lead to more realistic results. that means: "la croqueta" chains are less likely.

- the new "strafe dribbling" allows you to attract the opponent and then let it stand by dynamic movements.


fifa 20 ball physics - new  ball physics in fifa 20 affects shots

that changes on the ball: a new ball physics should provide more realism. the whole thing is called "football informed motion". this system is intended to ensure that the ball itself makes significantly more authentic movements. this applies to the rotation of the ball and also the emergence and rebound from the ground.

add to that completely new trajectories that you have never seen in the fifa series. this also applies to the normal shots from the game. overall, you should get more control so that fifa 20 does not feel random.


fifa 20 free kicks and penalties receive new target systems

that's how the standards change: in fifa 20, free kicks and penalties are adjusted to give them completely new target systems. so you will have in free kicks the complete control of the spin of the ball, which can be set and controlled in fifa 20 with the right stick.

in general, ea emphasizes that the new free kick and penalty systems will bring more fun and significantly more control over the ball. in addition, the free kicks should be skill-based and offer players significant advantages that practice a lot.


fifa 20 volta football mode - fifa street in the fifa 20

this is the new game mode "volta": the volta mode is virtually the fifa 20 version of the familiar game fifa street. the mode gets its own story as well as the volta world mode. you can create your own player and have him compete in different places around the world. matches are played in either 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 mode.

in addition to the local kick-off mode, there will be online leagues. at the ea play moderator alex "goldenboy" mendez emphasized: "volta brings football back to the streets."

here is played: the seats could not be more different. for example, you can put your skills to the test on a rooftop in tokyo or underground in amsterdam. this is known from old street parts.

a different feeling of fifa street

will this be the new fifa street? the description of the gameplay sounds at least very much afterwards. overall, the game scenes are very reminiscent of fifa street. it will be possible:

- to play the ball over the walls of the square

- to raise his game about clever tricks. volta should be characterized by a special flair.

however, one should not necessarily expect a "new fifa street". compared to "games radar", the developers said that the volta mode is more realistic than fifa street. it is based on the normal 11-on-11 engine, which was enriched by special features for the small field.

you can customize that: the developers speak of the "most adaptable" mode in fifa history. in fifa 20 volta, you can create both male and female characters whose appearance you can freely customize through clothing and hairstyles. here you should be free to let off steam. the special feature: on the small field, men and women can also play against each other in a mixed team. a novelty in the fifa series.


at the end of the presentation, ea announced that it would release more information about career mode, pro clubs and, of course, ultimate team over the coming months. these will be announced in the form of the pitch notes. are you satisfied with the presentation of fifa 20? what changes do you want? tell us on below comment! cheap fut 20 coins will be on sale at goldkk.com once the game release worldwide, stay tuned!


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