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FIFA 20 New Icons Predictions & Suggestions | 10 Legends Should Be In FUT 20

7/10/2019 4:08:33 PM

Which new legends will be part of the FIFA 20 icons in the upcoming game? Here we put together some suggestions & predictions after looking around on YouTube, Reddit and a fan voting.

FIFA 20 Icons Predictions & Suggestion - 10 Legends Should Be In FUT 20

FIFA Ultimate Team Icons

The icon cards are among the best items in Ultimate Team. Football legends get new cards that are based on their achievements of days gone by. So stars like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Thierry Henry became playable again.

The special feature: In addition to extremely high ratings, the icons are characterized by a neutral association affiliation and thus good chemical ratings. This means that they can be installed in any Ultimate team without loss of chemistry.

Although there are already a lot of icons, the new FIFA 19 Icon wishlist is still long. Which legends are among the innovations in FIFA 20? The answer to this question is still completely open - there are wishes for it all the more.

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FIFA 20 New Icons Predictions & Suggestions

1. Zinedine Zidane

Zidane is currently at the top in fan voting. Not surprisingly, the Frenchman is considered one of the most elegant football players of all time. Zidane combined tricky solo runs with a great overview of a perfect playmaker in his active days.

Only the equally historic headbutt in the 2006 World Cup final against Italy can be seen as a dark spot on the footballing career of the current Real Madrid coach. The second would be that Zidane is not yet on the road as a FIFA icon. High time that changes.

In FIFA 18, Zidane was added into the game as a manager. Is he back on the pitch in FIFA 20? We do look forward to see his legend card.

FIFA 18 Zidane Manager Card


2. Oliver Kahn

It almost seems curious that the "Titan" was not yet to be played as a legend in FIFA 19. After all, the goalkeeper has long been part of Icon wish lists.

Actually, it's time for the Bayern legend to catch up with Jens Lehmann, who's already playable. An Oliver Kahn would probably face every Ultimate team well. The incomparable presence of the keeper and more than 600 games in Bayern dress speak volumes. However, it is uncertain whether Kahn will ever appear as an icon in FIFA: In the early 2000s, the keeper and EA Sports were involved in a lawsuit over the personal rights of the goalkeeper. It is possible that the tablecloth in this regard - unfortunately - is cut.


3. David Beckham

That's why Beckham earns an iconic card: David Beckham's star was on the back burner of Manchester United and it was not long before the Englishman drew attention. Beckham was celebrated in England for his achievements before moving to Real Madrid. Later, stations in Los Angeles, Milan and Paris followed - at this time Beckham was already an absolute megastar.

Especially Beckham's incomparable free kick technique has burned into the brains of football fans to this day. This is where an Icon card for Ultimate Team would stand out. Maybe FIFA 20 will be the part in which Beckham is finally playable again in FUT? In any case, he is in third place in fan voting, so there is interest. That's what Beckham's best card in FIFA 12 looked like. An icon card that goes back to the past days would probably be much stronger.

FIFA 12 Beckham


4. Didier Drogba

That's why Drogba deserves an icon-card: If you ask about the club legends of Chelsea, the name Didier Drogba is next to Frank Lampard. The striker from the Ivory Coast coined the attacking game of the "Blues" significantly and had with his goal in the Champions League final against Bayern large share in the success of Londoners.

In November 2018, the attacker ended his career - clearing the way for an iconic card in FIFA 20. And no one would be surprised if this goalkeeper immediately became a favorite among FIFA players. His best FUT card had Drogba in FIFA 10. His icon card should be similarly strong.

FIFA 10 Didier Drogba


5. Philipp Lahm

That's why Lahm earns an iconic card: The former Bayern defender is very high on the icon-wish list for the defensive. Philipp Lahm was known as one of the most reliable right-back in the world - some even considered him the best at times. Also in FIFA he was one of the favorites in his position.

Lahm was known for his deep understanding of the game and his versatility in defense and attack. He experienced a picture-book career: Lahm won countless titles with Bayern and crowned 2014 World Champion. Only the icon card is missing - in FIFA 20 it could be time. In FIFA 17, Lahm got an insanely strong End of The Era card at the end of his career.



6. Kaká

That's why Kaká deserves an iconic card: If you look at the list of the winners of the Ballon D'Or, the best players of the year, you will see that between 2008 and 2017, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won the title exclusively. Luka Modrić got him in 2018 - and before?

In 2007, it was the Brazilian Kaká, who was named the world's best footballer - ahead of CR7 and Messi, who finished second and third respectively. The playmaker scored for AC Milan goals, put them on and took the Champions League, before he moved on to Real Madrid. It was not all that round anymore - but the icon status would be more than deserved. In fan voting Kaká currently occupies second place behind Zidane. Kaká has been collecting strong FIFA tickets throughout his career.

FIFA 18 Kaká


7. Ali Daei

That's why Ali Daei deserves an iconic card: The name Ali Daei will leave question marks on some FIFA players. But the Iranian occupies the fourth place in the fan voting. And quite well.

Because: Ali Daei is currently the record holder at international goals. The striker scored 109 goals in 149 internationals. Thus, the former Bayern and Hertha player is lonely at the top, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and ...


8. Francesco Totti

That's why Totti deserves an iconic card: he was known as the "eternal captain": Francesco Totti seemed forever inseparable from AS Roma. The club legend made 785 games and scored 307 goals for his club without changing even once. He became world champion too. After an active career Totti went into the management of the Romans. But recently, the story ended with the separation of both parties.

Regardless, many fans would probably send the today 42-year-old attacker back to virtual space. No wonder, after all, Totti collected absolute top values around the 90s in his best time. A FIFA comeback would certainly find plenty of advocates - of course in the jersey of the Roma. His best card in FUT is the below end of the era card.



9. Ferenc Puskás

That's why Puskás deserves an icon card: Have you ever entered the "Puskas Award" as a search term on YouTube? Every football fan should at least make up for that, because: According to Ferenc Puskas, the prize for the most beautiful goal of the year since 2009 has been awarded annually. That says a lot.

The rest are the numbers: 84 goals in 85 games for the Hungarian national team show what a goal machine of 2006 Puskás was. He is still considered the best Hungarian footballer today. The only flaw: The World Cup defeat in the "miracle of Bern" - against Germany.


10. Franz Beckenbauer

That's why Franz Beckenbauer deserves an iconic card: As a member of the Xbox-exclusive "FIFA Legends", the "Emperor" Franz Beckenbauer has once again returned to the virtual turf. However, the defender is missing from the icons. Whether he will be playable again?

His legends card in FIFA 17 has set the bar high: Beckenbauer was one of the absolute top defenders with a total rating of 93 - as in his active time.

FIFA 17 Franz Beckenbauer


What legends would you like to see in FIFA 20? Leave your views on comment. More FIFA 20 News and Info will be updated here, cheap FIFA 20 Coins will be on sale here at the first time, stay tuned!


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