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FIFA 19 Flashback Alex Sandro SBC - Cheapest Solution to Complete Alex Sandro Flashback SBC

8/9/2019 4:34:48 PM

It's the time nears the end of FUTTIES event, EA has republished the FIFA 19 Flashback Alex Sandro SBC in Ultimate Team with 93 rated left back Alex Sandro Flashback card. Check out the Flashback Alex Sandro SBC cost and requirements details with the cheapest solution to complete it on goldkk.com.

FIFA 19 Flashback 93 LB Alex Sandro Squad Building Challenge

Flashback Alex Sandro SBC - La Vecchia Signora


Min. 1 Juventus Players

Min. Team Rating: 84

Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Formation: 4-3-3



Flashback Alex Sandro SBC - Seleção


Min. 2 Brazil Players

Min. Team Rating: 85

Min. Team Chemistry: 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Formation: 4-2-3-1



Expire Time: 6 PM UK, August 15

Cheapest Way/Solution to Complete FIFA 19 Flashback Alex Sandro SBC

Cheap squad for La Vecchia Signora challenge 

Price based on August 09 with no loyalty: PS4 - 69K, Xbox One - 63K.

Flashback Alex Sandro La Vecchia Signora

Cheap squad for Seleção challenge 

Price based on August 09 with no loyalty: PS4 - 85K, Xbox One - 82K.

Flashback Alex Sandro Seleção

FIFA 19 Flashback Alex Sandro Review

Alex Sandro, a professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Juventus as a left-back and the Brazil national team, received a Flashback SBC card to celebrate his inclusion in Serie A TOTS 2017. Now EA has re-released this SBC includes two challenges with reset requirements, the total price is around 154K FIFA 19 PS4 Coins and 145K FIFA 19 Xbox One Coins

flashback alex sandro card

This is a top-quality card. Looking at his main stats, 95 pace, 82 shooting, 93 passing, 94 dribbling, 92 defending and 91 physical, well-rounded and versatile to suits many positions, not only left back, his 99 shot power, 99 stamina, 94 slide tackle, 95 composure, 91 agility, 99 crossing, 96 sprint speed and more brilliant attributes make him overpowered in game. If you want to use him as a defender, the Sentinel chemistry style is recommended, his defending and physical stats will be improved effectively, all of these stats are over 90 rating and become more solid. One of his biggest advantages is the speed, he is so quick that to catch up a lot of attacking players on the pitch, he also got fantastic passing and dribbling abilities, there is basically no weakness to him. Overall, the Alex Sandro SBC is value for coins and absolutely bargain with these two packs in return.

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