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WoW Classic Leveling Guide/Tips - 5 Best Ways To Level Faster In World of Warcraft

9/4/2019 5:40:31 PM

Since World of Warcraft Classic launched on August 27, there are many people discovering that World of Warcraft is quite a lot harder when it comes to leveling than the modern version of WoW Classic, it takes a lot longer to move from one point of the map to the other and the mob sea fighter, a lot to offer in terms of stats needless to say will take you quite a long time to reach the max level in World of Warcraft classic, so here Goldkk.com brings a WoW Classic leveling guide, featuring 5 ways to level up faster in classic Wow!

WoW Classic leveling guide

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WoW Classic Leveling Guide/Tips - 5 Best Ways To Level Up Faster In World of Warcraft 

Increase Your Movement Speed 

The first WoW Classic leveling method is to increase your movement speed. Everybody knows at level 40, there is a way to actually get yourself a mound and this mouse will give you an extra 60% movement speed, however what a lot of people don't know is that there's a significant way to increasing movement speed before level 40, many well players do not know but there is an 8% bonus movement speed you can get on your boots and you can get this at any level. So starting at level 1 you can actually get an enchant which is 4% speed increase on boots, this enchant is very cheap. In fact it probably costs about 3 to 5 WoW Classic Gold, so you can pretty much get this at early game levels. You may be thinking an 8% bonus movement speed isn't a lot, but if you think about it really does add up, if it takes you 10 minutes to walk to a place if you have the movement speed and chant you will actually get there 48 seconds faster and this is before you have a mount. So you have to be doing a lot of walking before you get to level 40. It will probably take you a little bit under 100 hours to do that, if you can shave off 8% from this time that fear ethically, it takes to go from one quest objective to the other taking off 8%. Each time you do that is going to add up quite a lot and you will end up leveling up way faster than other people that don't have this Inchon. So I definitely recommend spending the first few Classic WoW gold you make on this enchant. 

Grinding While Moving

There was a lot of times where you're just moving from one quest objective to the other, it's very common in giant areas like The Barrens for you to go from one the map to the other to finish quest objectives or hand things in. So what's a lot of Wow Classic speedrunners do is that they kill things along the way. And if you're skilled enough you can actually kill a monste, if you're a melee class while moving and pretty much lose zero speed, if you are two-handed melee class like warrior or shaman, this can actually be a huge advantage to you because of the nature of your class, your swing timer is quite slow and in between that time you can actually move in a direction freely with no negative consequence. 

Planned Pathing 

A lot of people do in Wow classic is that they just set the hoff stone in the capital city. There's a lot better places but you can set your half stone that can be advantageous in the leveling process. For example if you are a horde character it makes a lot more sense to put your half stone in there crossroads because in the crossroads you are literally in the crossroads, there are so many zones very nearby to you and you can access pretty closely. Crossroads is probably a better hub of an ogre law.

Another thing you should keep in mind is about every two levels you will get some new skills, so you should probably plan your trips to capital cities to be when you actually thing up to level 12, 14, 16 and so on, because every two levels you get new skills and you need to learn them, you may as well return to the capital cities and deal with the auction house and stuff. You need to do when you hit that two level threshold. In addition, also finishing quests and batches is a huge benefit to your leveling speed, go into a town take up all the quests and finish them in an entire batch, so you don't need to go back and forth from the quest hub, you can minimize the amount of trips.


Add-ons in Wow classic is still kind of an unknown Blizzard has said that it would have a modern infrastructure, a lot of the add-ons are going to be subject to change. However some important add-ons that probably will be developed and you really should get your hands on is a quest tracker, this is absolutely important. If you want to level up as fast as possible you need to see where things are on the map, because in the vanilla version of classic Wow there is no quest rocker like you need to actually read the quest text and that just takes a long time. If your goal is to level up as quickly as opposed to definitely need to find yourself a quest tracker out on but shows you exactly where you need to go to kill the ten boars over add-ons federer important or combats related such as swing timers and the hunter auto attack timer. These are massively useful when planning out your skill rotation and also hitting things while moving and of course other add-ons are simply down to preference in terms of UI changes and making things as useful to you as possible.

Grind The Right Targets

Grind The Right Targets。jpg

The final and best leveling method for Classic Wow is to grind the right targets you fight. In Classic Wow or not balanced, some have way higher stats than others and some have way lower stats. A good rule of thumb is that any well play NPC is going to have a lot lower stats than usual, however they all give the equivalent level of experience for that level. So what a lot of wild players do is that we farm and grind on well planes because these guys give a maximum amount of experience. However their stats are way lower than a normal mob at their level, so considering vats in Wow classic, it will probably be inevitable that you will have to grind. At some point you may as well grind on the white mobs, these are mobs by Eva have good glutes and give you some good gold returns or very simply easy to kill and you can actually get a lot of experience from them. Either way you definitely want to do some research on what mobs are easy to kill and what should be your grinding targets. Common grinding targets are the well things in wetlands these guys have some really good glutes but can sell on the auction house and they are also very quick to kill, their HP is pretty much 90% of what a mob adela really should have.

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