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WoW Classic Paladin Leveling Guide (1-60) | How To Fast Level Paladin In Vanilla World of Warcraft

9/6/2019 2:49:40 PM

We offer you our guide dedicated to the leveling of the Paladin on WoW Classic from 1 to 60. Talents, skills, rotation, statistics, weapons and addons to level up your Paladin are recommended in this WoW Classic Paladin 1-60 Leveling Guide.


World of Warcraft Classic Paladin Leveling Guide & Tips

In order to soften the long and hard period that is leveling in World of Warcraft Classic, we offer you our complete Paladin Leveling Guide dedicated to the best talents, wow classic weapons, trades and many other useful tips as a Paladin. Also remember that enough WOW Classic Gold will help you level more fast. 

WoW Classic Paladin Pros & Cons

+ A good Tank and Healer, even at a high level

+ Capable of fighting multiple creatures at once (even elites)

+ Very useful to the group (Blessings, Auras ...)

+ Large capacity to AoE

+ 2 unique and free class mounts (but hard to get)

- Virtually no mobility

- Very slow to climb in levels

- Very dependent on his equipment

- Low CC capacity


WoW Classic Paladin Statistics to Prioritize In leveling

Strength> Stamina> Intelligence> Agility> Spirit


Best WOW Classic Paladin Talent Build in Leveling

The leveling of the Paladin is divided into two parts: level 1 to 22, then level 22 to 60. It therefore requires the use of two builds very different from each other, and also operating differently. Up to level 22, you will greatly favor the use of the Seal of Righteousness, then once level 22 is reached and your talent tree is reset, you will instead favor the Seal of Authority. Here are the talents you need to look for first:

Level 10 to 22

1. Divine Strength 5/5

2. Improved Seal of Righteousness 5/5

3. Improved Blessing of Might 2/5

WOW Classic Paladin Talent Build - Level 10-22

Level 22 to 60

1. Improved Blessing of Might 5/5

2. Deflection 5/5

3. Seal of Command 1/1

4. Pursuit of Justice 2/2

5. Conviction 5/5

6. Eye for an Eye 2/2

7. Sanctity Aura 1/1

8. Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 3/3

9. Vindication 1/3

10. Vengeance 5/5

11. Divine Strength 5/5

12. Divine Intellect 5/5

13. Repentance 1/1

14. Improved Devotion Aura 5/5

15. Guardian's Favor 2/2

16. Precision 3/3

WOW Classic Paladin Talent Build - Level 22-60


WoW Classic Paladin Spells or Skills to Buy in Priority


Spell or Skill

1 to 10

All available in this level range


Blessing of Might (Rank 2)

Holy Light (Rank 3)


Seal of Righteousness (Rank 3)

Blessing of Light

Blessing of Wisdom (Rank 1)

Divine Protection (Rank 2)


Holy Light (Rank 4)

Blessing of Might (Rank 3)


Hammer of Justice (Rank 2)

Blessing of Wisdom (Rank 2)


Seal of Command (Rank 2)

Lay on Hands (Rank 2)

Holy Light (Rank 5)

Devotion Aura (Rank 4)


Blessing of Might (Rank 4)

Divine Shield (Rank 1)

Blessing of Wisdom (Rank 3)



Seal of Command (Rank 3)

Hammer of Justice (Rank 3)

Plate armor

Holy Light (Rank 6)


Blessing of Might (Rank 5)


Hammer of Wrath (Rank 1)

Blessing of Wisdom (Rank 4)


Seal of Command (Rank 4)

Divine  Shield (Rank 2)

Lay on Hands (Rank 3)

Holy Light (Rank 7)


Greater Blessing of Light (Rank 1)

Hammer of Wrath (Rank 2)

Hammer of Justice (Rank 4)

Holy Light (Rank 8)

Greater Blessing of Wisdom (Rank 1)


WoW Classic Rotation and Main Skills in Leveling

Basic tips

1. Always have an active aura, usually the Sanctity Aura starting at level 30 and if you do not need damage reduction, otherwise the Devotion Aura the rest of the time

2. Always hold the Blessing of Might on you (if you have mana problems, go to Blessing of Wisdom)

Rotation from Level 1 to 22

1. Seal of Righteousness

2. Automatic attack

3. Judgement

4. Seal of Righteousness

5. Automatic attack

6. Automatic attack

7. Automatic attack

8. Judgement

9. Automatic attack

Rotation from level 22 to 60

1. Seal of Command

2. Automatic attack

3. Judgement

4. Seal of authority

5. Automatic attack

6. Automatic attack

7. Automatic attack

8. Judgement

9. Automatic attack

10. Hammer of Wrath when the target is about to die to complete it


WoW Classic Paladin Weapons and Armor To Get

Level 1 to 32 (approximately)

1. Large Axe or Wooden Mallet according to your main weapon skill, purchaseable from level 3 from any Weapon Merchant from any of your faction's starting areas

2. Great Blade of the People's Militia, Reward of the Quest People's Militia (Level 9+) Obtainable from Gryan Stoutmantle at the West March and taking place at the Dead Mines

3. Miner’s Revenge, reward of the Oh Brother Quest ... (Level 15+) obtainable from Wilder Thistlenettle at Stormwind and taking place at Dead Mines

4. Headbasher, Reward of the Fury Runs Deep (Level 22+) quest available from Motley Garmason on the Waves at the Prison

5. Smites Mighty Hammer, obtainable from Mr. Smite at Dead Mines

6. Ancient War Sword, reward of Defeat Nek'rosh (Level 23+) achievement quest from the Dragonmaw Catapult at Wetlands

7. Corpsemaker, obtainable from Brusque Broche in Razorfen Kraul

8. Mograine's Might, obtainable from Scarlet Commander Mograine at Scarlet Monastery (Cathedral)

9. The Rockpounder, obtainable from Archaedas in Uldaman

10. Stoneslayer, obtainable from Archaedas in Uldaman

11. Drakefang Butcher, obtainable from Dreamscythe, Hazzas, Morphaz and Tisserand at Atal'Hakkar Temple

12. Princess Theradras Scepter, obtainable from Princess Theradras in Maraudon

13. Lightforged Blade, reward of Paladin's Quest Forging The Mightstone (50+)

14. Sul'thraze the Lasher, obtainable by combining Sang'thraze the Deflector (obtainable from Antu'sul to Zul'Farrak) and Jang'thraze Protector (obtainable from Ukorz Scalpessable Head at Zul'Farrak)

15. Force of Magma, obtainable from Bael'gar at Blackrock Depths

16. Impervious Giant, Obtainable from The Seven at Blackrock Depths

17. Corruption, created by the Blacksmiths

18. Lavastone Hammer, obtainable from Magmus at Blackrock Depths


What Class Do I play for my Paladin?


The Human has serious advantages: Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization are very interesting if you equip these types of weapons, Diplomacy is not negligible in phase of reputation grinding, and Perception is very interesting in PvP.


The Stoneform of the Dwarf is a serious asset in PvP, especially against Thieves, but also in PvE for a small boost to survival. The Frost Resistance is also interesting against your nemesis in PvP: the Mage Frost, but also sometimes in PvE.


WoW Classic Paladin Primary Professions - Crafts


If you follow our advice for choosing trades, Herbalism is an excellent choice because if you choose Alchemy you can be almost self-sufficient. And, even if you do not choose Alchemy, it allows you to farm components for your guild or to sell to the auction house and make a small fortune.


Engineering is the best choice as its utility is great, both in PvE and PvP. From Goblin Sapper Charge to the Arcanite Dragonling to the Dense Dynamite, everything about this job will always be useful! And then of course, let's not forget the Disk of reactive force that you will be able to manufacture and which is monstrous in spec Protection!


Alchemy is one of the most important trades of World of Warcraft because it allows the creation of flasks but also various potions all equally powerful. The Paladin does not need to opt for a particular trade for the manufacture of specific armor parts, it is the ideal class to opt for this business!


WoW Classic Paladin Macros and Addons

There is no essential addon specifically dedicated to the Paladin, however here are the ones we recommend for leveling whatever class you play:

Azeroth Auto Pilot






Check out the Top 15 Best WoW Classic Addons here. 

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