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WoW Classic Top 5 Best Powerful Low Level Weapons & Gears You Should Get For Leveling Fast

9/11/2019 6:59:26 PM

Is there any overpowered weapons and gears you can use at the low level and help you level fast in World of Warcraft Classic? Here we recommend you Top 5 Powerful WoW Classic Low Level Items for you, also give you detailed guide on how to get these overpowered low level items in Classic WoW.


World of Warcraft Classic Low Level Overpowered Items

WoW Classic has been out for about a week and obviously most of you guys are still in the leveling process, some people may be just starting and some try-hards may even be near to level 60. But leveling up in classic Wow is definitely a time consuming process, so you need all help you can get. Fortunately there are some really strong items but you can get at low levels that can drastically increase your stats, compared to anything else that you can get at that level. There are a lot of really cool items that you can get, but these items will just make it that much easier to grind mobs in classic Wow.

Top 5 - Ravager (Two-Hand Axe)

Item Level: 42 Level

Faction: Horde and Alliance

Suitable for Class: Paladin, Shaman, Warrior

Character Level Required: 37 Level

Best Overpowered Classic WoW Items At Low Level - Ravager

Benefits of Ravager:

Ravager basically opens you up to a lot more AoE potential, for pork on this axe basically makes it, so that's your normal auto attacks through AOE damage with five extra weapon damage for about 10 seconds. So the pork on this axe basically turns you into an AoE farming machine and a lot of groups that are just grinding outs dungeon runs or prioritize melee DPS with this axe, simply because it basically turns you into a dungeon clearing machine which gives you a really insane amount of XP per hour. Once you're in the bladestorm state, you can no longer move and basically locked in place until you use an ability or you can actually turn the buff off. Once for pork has happened, you can either right-click on the buff that you have or an easier way is to create a macro.

- 37.2 DPS

- It has one of the most iconic procs in the game

- It has really high damage per second and a slow attack speed

- It is probably the best looking axe in the game

- The chance on hit is pretty frequent, once every 5-10 hits.

- The effect is very cool, you start spinning for 9sec, then every 3 sec you deal 130-400dmg to every mob within 5 yards of you.

- Excellent to bring when helping low levels through newbie instances

- There are instances later in the game with weak non elite mobs zerging you, and this really does come in handy when it procs.

- When engaging a mob judge them with Seal of Crusder, then use Seal of command.

- When the axe procs your seal of command will proc with it 3 times in a row.

How To Get Ravager In Classic WoW: Dropped by Herod in Scarlet Monastery Dungeon (Scarlet Monastery Armory), which is a 5 player max dungeon for players ranging from levels 26 to 45. Herod is one of the four Scarlet Crusade leaders that can be found in the Scarlet Monastery, and the only boss that you will encounter in the Armory of Scarlet Monastery. By killing Herod, you get 25% chance to loot Ravager.

How to Get to Scarlet Monastery:

For Alliance, starting from Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills, north along the road, then veer towards the northwest up and past the path in between the Dalaran Crater and Ruins of Alterac, swim north through Lordamere Lake, surfacing at the border of Silverpine Forest and Tirisfal Glades, then follow the road in Tirisfal Glades northeast along the road to the monastery.

For Horde, heading right outside Orgrimmar and hop on the Zeppelin with Frezza <Zeppelin Master>. He'll take you from Orgrimmar in Durotar to the Undercity in Tirisfal Glades, then following the path northeast out of the Undercity in Tirisfal Glades and you’ll eventually hit the monastery.


Top 4 - Crescent Staff (Two-Hand Staff)

Item Level: 24 Level

Faction: Horde

Suitable for Class: Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Druid, Warlock

Character Level Required: 22 Level

Best Overpowered Classic WoW Items At Low Level - Crescent Staff

Benefits of Crescent Staff:

Crescent Staff is quite possibly the best staff for it's level in the game. Now unfortunately this is for the Horde only, however if you own the Horde and you play as any kind of Mele class you definitely need to get this staff even if you're a warrior, because the DPS on the staff will be way better than any two-handed axe or two-handed sword where you can find. In additions it also get some decent stats, 7 intellect spirit and stamina, so even for a mana based class this is also useful. We think every class in the game will benefit from getting this, it is just that good whether you're a healer, a mana base DPS, a hunter, a warrior, no matter who you are this is just a very good weapon to get.

- 20.3 DPS

- It has a really insane amount of DPS compared to pretty much any two-handed weapon but you can get at the time.

- Get some decent stats, 7 intellect spirit and stamina

- While leveling a higher damage range and DPS is more vital than any stats which offer only marginal benefits until higher levels (Strength offers very little early on in such small amounts). 

- Spirit is also a great leveling stat to increase HP regen, which means less downtime, and it's more valuable in smaller numbers compared to Strength. 

How To Get Crescent Staff In Classic WoW: Quest Reward from Leaders of the Fang in Thunder Bluff (Wailing Caverns Dungeon), which is 6-part quest chain that begins with Tonga Runetotem in The Barrens from 14 to 22 levels.

How to Get to Wailing Caverns:

The entrance to Wailing Caverns is located in a cavern in The Barrens. For Horde players, simply travel southwest from the Crossroads to find the cavern entrance.


Top 3 - Thrash Blade (One-Hand Sword)

Item Level: 33 Level

Faction: Horde & Alliance

Suitable for Class: Rogue, Paladin

Character Level Required: 46-50 Level

Best Overpowered Classic WoW Items At Low Level - Thrash Blade

Benefits of Thrash Blade:

Thrash Blade is a powerful Sword for leveling Rogues and Warrior, can likely last them until upwards of level 50 (that is, assuming you aren't being funded enough to buy epics and such from a higher level character with Classic WOW Gold). Apes the guild that beats Ragnaros the first of us, majority of their Mele DPS were using this sword. So if it's good enough for them it's good enough for you.

- 35.19 DPS

- An incredible protection-spec pally weapon, excellent 40-49 PVP bracket weapon.

- Combine the proc with Reckoning and you're getting up to 4 swings a go.

-  It procs for extra damage and rage, which allows more instant attacks that have a chance to proc and give even more rage. 

How To Get Thrash Blade In Classic WoW: Quest Reward from Corruption of Earth and Seed Quest in Maruadon which is a level 45-52 dungeon located in the Valley of Spears in Desolace.

How to Get to Maruadon:

For Horde, requires level 45, Shareable. Starts and ends with Keeper Marandis (63, 10), located in Nijel's Point, northern Desolace. You have to kill Princess Theradras, who is the last boss in the dungeon.

For Alliance, requires level 45, Shareable. Starts and ends with Selendra (26, 77), located just south of Shadowprey Village, Desolace. You have to kill Princess Theradras, who is the last boss in the instance.


Top 2 - Gravestone Scepter (Ranged Wand)

Item Level: 29 Level

Faction: Horde & Alliance

Suitable for Class: Warlock, Priest, Mage

Character Level Required: 24 Level

Best Overpowered Classic WoW Items At Low Level - Gravestone Scepter

Benefits of Gravestone Scepter:

Gravestone Scepter is a notable low-level wand. Definitely worth getting, best DPS you will get at those levels. If you're playing a priest or warlock, this wand will last you a very long time.

- 29 DPS

- Rare wand with both spirit and shadow resistance.

- Very high for the level it can be obtained at, and given the rarity of low to mid level wands

- It doesn't destroy everything in a few seconds or something, but it does very nice hits and costs no mana.

How To Get Gravestone Scepter In Classic WoW: Reward from Blackfathom Villainy in Blackfathom Deeps, which a 5 player max level 24-32 dungeon located in Ashenvale.

How to Get to Blackfathom Villainy:

For Horde, requires level 18, begin inside of Blackfathom Deeps from Argent Guard Thaelrid, turn into Bashana Runetotem in Thunderbluff.

For Alliance, requires level 18, begin inside of Blackfathom Deeps from Argent Guard Thaelrid, turn into Dawnwatcher Selgorm in Darnassus.


Top 1 - Tidal Charm (Trinket)

Item Level: 41 Level

Faction: Horde & Alliance

Suitable for Class: Druid, Shaman, Priest, Warlock and every single class

Character Level Required: 36 Level

Best Overpowered Classic WoW Items At Low Level - Tidal Charm

Benefits of Tidal Charm:

Tidal Charm is a Crowd Control item useful on every single class and is good against every single class. This is a level 36 trinket which is absolutely infamous for being one of the most annoying trinkets to fight against in PvP. For any sort of PvP this trinket is definitely worth having.

- Allowing you to stun an enemy for 3 seconds, meaning you can dps all you like without breaking the stun.

- Not as useful for fleeing as the Magic Dust, but can still stop enemies dead in their tracks to secure you a kill.

- It is perfect for stopping mounted runners, the range is something like 30 yds.

- With the Tidal Charm, you can still perform the same stun-damage combo and leave your opponent totally helpless.

- Tidal Charm stun is a nature spell, so using this on players that have high nature resistance (like almost all phwoarlock's with their 60 to all schools) will result in higher than average resists.

How To Get Tidal Charm In Classic WoW: Drops off the rare mob Prince Nazjak in Arathi Highlands. However, Tidal Charm can be very difficult to obtain even though it drops off a low level creature, because Prince Nazjak has a low spawn timer but a long spawn window, and does not even drop this trinket every time. The easiest way to get this is to park an alt in the water where he spawns, and make a /target Prince Nazjak macro, log over whenever you feel like and see if he's up. Pretty common drop for him, you would be able to get them on the second try each time.

How to find the Prince Nazjak:

Prince Nazjak is the NPC can be found in Arathi Highland, can drop the trinket Tidal Charm off the coast of Arathi Highlands under water in a sunken ship.

How to get to Arathi Highlands:

For Horde, from Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills, run eastwards across the river and catch up with the main road. Follow the main road eastward until you go through Thoradin's Wall. Continue following the path for a considerable time, until you see a signed turnoff to the north to Hammerfall. Take that turn off and continue running until you get to Hammerfall.

For Alliance, from Ironforge run east towards Loch Modan take the road in the Loch north through Dun Algaz pass and into the Wetlands. Follow the road as it runs north, northeast, then west. When the road splits and heads north follow it north. You'll pass the ruined bridge Thandol Span and you'll be in the highlands.

If you are still grinding on leveling, we do suggest you to get the above powerful low level items, if you have no time to farm them, you can buy them from auction house with wow classic gold, and if you are tired of leveling up, simply to find the fast and safe WoW Classic Boosting service on Goldkk.Com. 

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