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Rocket League 2Xp Holiday Weekend Schedule, Contents & How To Farm Xp Fast?

12/24/2018 4:11:56 PM

psyonix has announced the final gift for rocket league gamers to finish 2018, the 2xp holiday weekend, which is going to start on this week, what the details about this rocket league holiday update and how to farm rocket league xp fast? goldkk.com will bring you the answer.

rocket league 2xp

what is rocket league 2xp holiday weekend?

2xp (double xp) holiday weekend is the last holiday event of rocket league in 2018, during the event limited time, you can get double the amount of base experience in all casual and competitive playlist matches via "+100% special event" xp bonus.

what benefits can you get from 2xp holiday weekend event?
you can get double base experience through matches, then you can tier up in rocket pass faster than before and earn more painted, certified, and special edition versions of select rocket pass items.

rocket league 2xp holiday weekend schedule - start time & end time

2xp holiday weekend starts time: december 27, 2018 (2 pm pst/10 pm utc)
2xp holiday weekend end time: december 31, 2018 (10 am pst / 6 pm utc)

how to farm rocket league xp fast?  - rocket league xp glitch ps4, xbox one & pc

experience points (xp) helps you progress to the next player level which allows you to earn random (online drop) item as a reward.the time limit of 2xp holiday weekend only less than 4 four days, how can we farm the xp fast to level up?
1. if you have enough spare time, complete full 21 games a week and keep well possession of the ball, then you can get the maximum win xp.

patch notes v1.56 progression:

- increased xp/second in casual and competitive playlists by 40%
- increased win bonus from 50 to 100
- increased weekly win bonus from two matches per day to three per day
- you earn two points per touch, points earned per touch limited to one touch per second

2. if you do have the availability of getting four people in your game including yourself you can go into chaos, but this method needs to buy the premium rocket pass.
3. invite a friend to your party: + party xp


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