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Comprehensive path of exile wiki, database, guide for poe currency and items, mechanics, gameplay, the most powerful PoE encyclopedia to help you enjoy the game better! here you can find all the all details about PoE currency, masters, vendor recipe, divination cards, prophecies, quest rewards, maps, and all items.


Path of Exile introduction

kill for loot to kill bigger monsters for better loot, earn devastating skills and valuable items as you fight your way through the dark continent of wraeclast - that’s the action role-playing game in a nutshell. with unrivaled character customization, Path of exile is an award-winning online action rpg created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers. made in new Zealand by grinding gear games, Poe owes much of its success to the blend of old and new.


Path of Exile Currency & Items

Path of Exile skill gems, acquired like any other Poe item, determine hotkey abilities such as fireball. link a support poe gem and now that fireball splits into two. there’s that passive skill tree everyone talks about. the game doesn’t even have coins - everything is bartered for crafting materials such as orbs and other POE currency items. these seemingly simple changes have huge implications, granting a great deal of replay value to arguably one of the most repetitive genres around.

in path of exile, the item system and currency system were developed to include a great depth of game and create an economy based on the exchange between the players. indeed, there are many criteria to compare the power of two items because the number of different specialties is high in the game. what may seem to you a bad item for your specialty can be very interesting for another.

Your main source of POE items will come from loot: when you kill an enemy or open a chest, there is a possibility that one or more items will fall to the ground. the amount of loot is determined randomly, for each type of loot and can be influenced by certain factors. if the category of loot allows it, the rarity is randomly drawn and can also be influenced. finally, the type is determined randomly.

Of course, the probabilities of every possible item are not, and there are many path of exile items that have restrictions to be obtainable. there are even some who do not follow this method at all.

the loot display (and the sound it produces) can be changed via a path of exile item filter. there is a default filter that you can use if you do not have other filters available.


Path of Exile Item

poe item.png

1. Item type (normal and magic objects use their type as their name)

2. The category of the item

3. Item characteristics (defenses for armor, damage, attack speed and critical chance for weapons)

4. Item prerequisites (in level and attribute, which can be those of the gems in item sockets)

5. Item implicit bonus (bonus properties, related to the category of the object and also by the type), separated from the modifiers explicit by a bar and always visible, even on the unidentified items

6. The bonuses of item explicit modifiers (for the blue items, the name is composed of the names associated to the modifiers)

7. The color of the object corresponds to its level of rarity, there are 4: normal, magic, rare and unique.

The rarity level defines the maximum number of affixes available.

Non-normal rarity objects will be unidentified. this prevents you from knowing their explicit modifiers, their prerequisites and equipping them. to identify an object, simply use the scrolls of wisdom.