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Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Category Item Sell Price
Apple chair Apple chair 10x apple
4x wood
Housewares 2480 bells
Apple rug Apple rug 6x apple Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1200 bells
Apple wall Apple wall 20x apple Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 4000 bells
Aroma pot Aroma pot 3x clay Miscellaneous 600 bells
Bamboo bench Bamboo bench 8x bamboo piece Housewares 1280 bells
Bamboo drum Bamboo drum 3x bamboo piece
2x softwood
Miscellaneous 720 bells
Bamboo floor lamp Bamboo floor lamp 8x bamboo piece Housewares 1280 bells
Bamboo flooring Bamboo flooring 15x bamboo piece Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 2400 bells
Bamboo stool Bamboo stool 5x bamboo piece Housewares 800 bells
Cabin wall Cabin wall 15x hardwood Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1800 bells
Cardboard bed Cardboard bed 4x cardboard box Housewares 240 bells
Cherry lamp Cherry lamp 10x cherry
2x clay
Wall-mounted 2400 bells
Dark bamboo rug Dark bamboo rug 6x bamboo piece Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 960 bells
Dark cosmos crown Dark cosmos crown 7x black cosmos Equipment 3360 bells
Hedge standee Hedge standee 2x wood
3x softwood
Housewares 600 bells
Hyacinth lamp Hyacinth lamp 5x purple hyacinths
3x clay
Miscellaneous 3000 bells
Ironwood clock Ironwood clock 2x wood
2x iron nugget
Wall-mounted 1740 bells
Log bench Log bench 5x hardwood Housewares 600 bells
Matryoshka Matryoshka 5x softwood Miscellaneous 600 bells
Orange hat Orange hat 5x orange Equipment 1000 bells
Pansy wreath Pansy wreath 3x yellow pansies
3x white pansies
3x red pansies
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Rose bed Rose bed 10x red roses
5x wood
Housewares 1400 bells
Shell fountain Shell fountain 5x giant clam
3x stone
Housewares 9450 bells
Tall lantern Tall lantern 18x stone Housewares 2700 bells
Ukulele Ukulele 5x hardwood Miscellaneous 600 bells
Wooden-block bed Wooden-block bed 1x wooden-block toy
17x softwood
Housewares 2400 bells

Animal Crossing DIY Recipes List

Animal Crossing DIY Recipes List

DIY Crafting system in Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to make all kinds of items, from tools to furniture, through other things that will come in really handy to give a unique and special touch to our island. However, before you can craft a piece of items, you will need to find the related ACNH DIY recipe that teaches us how to make it.

Check Out The Materials You Need For Craft Each ACNH Item

Here we list all the Animal Crossing DIY Recipes exacting in the game so far, covering all Tools DIY Recipes, Furniture Set DIY Recipes, and special seasonal DIY Recipes. On our ACNH DIY Recipes List, you can easily get know the right materials to collect for craft one item by checking out its DIY recipe here. 

How To Get DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

From decorating your home to changing the island landscape, you'll have your hands full creating your perfect island getaway. You will have to build everything on the island from crafting, so you will identify need the Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY recipes. How to get ACNH DIY recipes? Though most of them are randomly generated, here are the several methods to get a DIY recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons now: 

  • Find DIY recipes in glass bottles on the beach

  • Get DIY recipes in presents (explode floating balloons with the slingshot) from the sky

  • Get DIY recipes from the other villagers randomly

  • Redeem DIY recipes using your Nook Miles

  • Buy DIY recipes at Nook's Cranny

  • Obtain DIY recipes after building plots for our new neighbors

  • Others are given to you by Tom Nook as you progress through the island's tasks.

  • Others are rewarded by seasonal event NPCs

The vast majority of the DIY Recipes that we will obtain randomly, so we will rarely know what we are going to unlock, although there are a few very specific and important ACNH DIY recipes that are obtained by following a series of determined steps, and they are usually the ones that are related to Tom Nook and Special Events. While if you want to get one in a short time, buy ACNH DIY Recipes for sale from Goldkk.Com could be the fastest way. 

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