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Path Of Exile Beginner Guide - Poe Items, Affix, Sockets, Skill Gems And More You Must Know

1/14/2019 5:32:44 PM

as the new gamers and beginners, you may wonder how to play path of exile, which features multiple characters, leagues, items, equipment, poe currency and more unknown contents, make players especially the beginners feel complicated and difficult. next, goldkk.com will introduce the path of exile items, equipment, affix, sockets, skill gems, and more contents in detail, hope to help you know about the game better.


path of exile items and equipment system

here we first introduce the poe items and equipment system. like most games, the path of exile items can be divided into four levels/classes: white (normal), blue (magic), yellow (rare), orange (unique). the first weapon we picked up is a poe normal item. different levels will affect the additional attributes of the same type of equipment. the higher the level of items, the more attribute affixes you can own, except for the poe unique items which have fixed attribute affixes and random attribute values, the other equipment is a random combination of attribute affixes, and these attributes also have a certain range of numerical value. 

path of exile items affix

what is the item affix? an affix is a word added to either end of the name of a randomly generated monster or item that gives an indication of the properties of that monster or item, as shown in the red box below. affixes come in two forms, prefixes and suffixes. according to the item level, the blue magic item has up to two affixes, the yellow rare item has six affixes at most. the rule of path of exile is that one equipment can only have three prefixes and three suffixes at most, while there are a number of affixes in the game, for example, a glove item has as many as 45 appearing affix libraries. when these affixes are combined in the form of up to three prefixes and three suffixes and in a random numerical range, they constitute a fantastic item system on the path of exile. so, the probability of generating a desirable combination of attributes is very low.


path of exile item sockets and skill gems

poe item sockets are a mechanism on equipment into which other items can be placed. the item you picked up has sockets of different colors. each socket has one of four colors: red, associated with strength; blue, associated with intelligence; green, associated with dexterity and white. there are no fixed professional skills in path of exile, all the skills of characters are freely combined and matched by players, while the skill work needs poe skill gems, which need to be embedded in the items sockets of the corresponding colors to be effective. there are 261 skill stones in path of exile, which are divided into active and support skill gems. active skill gems can add a skill that can be used manually for characters, and support skill gems can strengthen or change the operation of active skill gems. only the skill gems placed in the skill sockets linked together can influence each other. that means if you want to make an active skill stronger and more harmful, you need more sockets linked so as to place more support skill gems to strengthen this active skill.


the number of possible sockets on equipment is based on the item level and the type of equipment being used. armour and dual wielding can have up to six skill sockets. item level is a hidden attribute. in the game, stay your cursor on a piece of equipment, then press the alt button, it will show the item level of the equipment. item level affects the maximum number of sockets and the random range of affix attributes that the equipment can have. item level 1-, up to 2 sockets, item level 2-, up to 3 sockets, item level 25-, up to 4 sockets, item level 35-, up to 5 sockets, item level 50-, up to 6 sockets.

here is an example showing the links of sockets. the left one has a socket does not be linked and the right one is all linked.


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