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Path Of Exile Betrayal Atlas Strategy - Poe High Tier Map Farming Strategy For Currency And Build Diversity

1/30/2019 5:23:03 PM

the path of exile high tier map is difficult to farm at the end, there are not best density and layout. how to farm the t15, t16 as well as elder map and get the biggest poe currency gains? goldkk.com will introduce the path of exile betrayal atlas strategy to make most poe currency and build diversity.


advantages of the poe betrayal atlas strategy - high tier map farming

- functions with scarabs.

- high sextant count.

- consistant drops, such as abyss jewel, stygian vise and lots of maps.

- flexible atlas.

- high profit at league start, you can get a lot of currency from that you can be patient and sell the breaches and maps.

best outlet poe betrayal atlas strategy - high tier map farming

first of all, you need have the elder's orb, which allows you to turn any map into tier 16, it might be a bit intimidating for new players but you will be able to get it and then you can pick the best map on the entire path of exile atlas. all you need to do is complete a zana's quest line by collecting all 15 shaper's memory fragments and then kill shaper. 

the other atlas strategy is to use a zana modifier on your maps, the tier 16 elder modifier, which can turn any map into an elder map, you need to pay each time to do this. why you need to this? you can use any white map and it doesn't actually impact your poe atlas at all. you can actually have an additional white section on any map you're running, which will reduce your cost of running a map by a lot and make more path of exile currency, you can sell a guardian map or a elder map for as much as currency item like chaos orbs. you'll have to like buy in bulk maps which can be a little bit difficult at the start of the league but you will be saving so much more money and making much more money, the sauna modifier is the superior choice you get an extra sexton flow.

you complete the full atlas instead of just removing the guardians to sustain, a really big advantage is getting more monsters in your maps and the addition to that there are also white maps which are really good. tier 16 zana is a lot harder to get than just the elder row, so to get the t16 zana mode you'll need to complete all the quests although have to shape out just like the algorithm and then you'll actually have to kill the uber elder encounter.

you'll probably get most of your currency from here and when you're doing these strategies and modifies, you're gonna be able to get every single tier of map below it and if you're running zana you don't actually need any maps that drop so that you can sell all of them. you can get path of exile item level 84 stygian vise, which allows an abyss jewel to be turned into the belt, these things sell for twenty to thirty or for more at the league start if you can get there fast but all these drops just compared to the normal currency in divination cards, it's not affected by quantity or anything so you can choose to run the craziest build you want and make crazy money.the other thing downside to this is that you do have to sit in your hideout and sell these two players, so you will have a bit of trading downtime than you would like farming doctors or something like that.

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