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Path Of Exile 3.6 Witch Winter Orb Builds Guide - Elementalist, Trickster, Juggernaut, Cwc Ice Spear Builds

4/16/2019 6:42:40 PM

welcome back to our path of exile 3.6 build guide, today we are still going to cover the best cheap poe starter builds with fast clear speed - witch winter orb builds which are considered as one of the best poe 3.6 starter builds with great insane clear speed, scale super good for end game but cheap and easy to build! here we will present the pros and cons, passive skill setup, gems setup, stats for each piece of poe gears, leveling and all build tips on poe 3.6 winter orb elementalist, juggernaut, trickster, cwc ice spear and more builds!

path of exile 3.6 witch winter orb builds

winter orb is a new skill from the 3.5 patch, one of the most overpowered spells in path of exile. you channel it for a few seconds (scaled with cast speed) and it places an orb above your head. once channeled you can move freely while the orb chucks out projectiles at mobs on its own. you need to rechannel it every few seconds (8-10 seconds). in path of exile 3.6 league, winter orb deals 25 to 31 cold damage at gem level 1 (from 23 to 28) and 232 to 289 cold damage at gem level 20 (from 258 to 322), has an added damage effectiveness of 50% (from 60%). with damage from several projectiles overlapping and insane dps, winter orb has been one of the most popular skills in the game, with every 10th player actually using it! today we will present some most used winter orb builds covering path of exile winter orb elementalist, elementalist non-crit, juggernaut, trickster, cwc ice spear.

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path of exile 3.6 winter orb elementalist build

poe winter orb elementalist build is the most used build with winter orb in the game now, because it has clear speed, chilling slow, as well as the ability to pump out some crazy damage with the right products. 


+ autoaiming

+ continuous dps on bosses

+ shotgun-effect on multiple projectiles/aoe overlapping

+ duration-based ability

+ good-clear speed(insane clear speed with heralds/impulse)

+ chilling/freezes


- not nooby friendly(as a result of a little of hidden mechanics)

- demands a decent price range create it shine late game

- calls for various projectiles/aoe investments

- demands investment into duration nodes

- low harm at low levels

poe winter orb elementalist non-crit build

elementalist is the most popular ascendancy in path of exile, it grants insane spell/elemental damage bonus making it a prefect pick for beginners as well as advanced players.


+ insanely high dps

+ amazing clear speed

+ no specific expensive unique items required

+ solid defenses

+ leech


- vulnerable to elemental reflect map mods

- reliant on dodge rolls versus end-game bosses

poe winter orb juggernaut build

due to juggernaut’s incredibly survivability and physical damage reductions, greatly improving our ability to delve deep. in addition to this, the unstoppable node allows us to ignore the effects of temporal chains temporal chains without employing curse immunity. if you are looking to enjoy winter orb winter orb while it is solidly at the forefront of the meta, and in a new and interesting package, this is a great build to take out for a spin. enemies will melt before you, and you will be flying through maps in a way that few other builds can rival.


+ extreme tier clear speed

+ permanently immune to physical damage

+ potent defenses, courtesy of the juggernaut ascendancy (life, regeneration, endurance charges, etc.)

+ amazing delver

+ great single target damage with the right conditions


- needs enemies to die in order to ramp up to full power

- requires certain items in order to function (moderately expensive)


poe winter orb trickster build

with insane chaos damage from our cold to fire conversion, we will reach some incredible dps numbers. winter orb trickster might be kind of a glass cannon build but it can still take a hit or two from end game bosses and our ultimate defense is that everything is dying before getting close.


+ really fast map clear

+ braindead easy to play

+ retarded single target


- expensive

- no regen maps are annoying


poe winter orb cwc ice spear inquisitor build

if you don't like to press 10 buttons to make build work properly this is definitely the right build for you. channeling winter orb will automatically teleport you all over the screen and homing cold rockets will shatter whole packs of monsters. insane dps on single target makes this build viable even on the hardest encounters in the game like shaper and elder. shattering packs of enemies with herald of ice cold explosions makes it very enjoyable to play. 


+ relaxing playstyle

+ with an optimized build up to 95% effective critical strike chance

+ 6000 life thanks to kaom's heart

+ scales well end-game with proper gear and character level

+ very fast clear speed


- need 6-link to work with full cwc setup

- vulnerable to elemental reflect map mods

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