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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Crafting Guide - Poe Items, Currency & Orbs Crafting Methods & Tips For Legion Starter

6/19/2019 3:11:00 PM

it's been a few days since the path of exile 3.7 legion league launch on all platforms, players may busy with various builds and maps shaping. to get the desirable poe items, you need to craft or trade with others. here goldkk.com brings the poe 3.7 crafting guide featuring poe item crafting system, poe crafting methods 3.7, poe legion currency and orbs crafting tips and more. 



path of exile 3.7 legion crafting guide - poe item crafting system

- path of exile crafting is to make or improve the poe items with specific currency and orbs through change the number of modifiers. 

- poe currency is needed to upgrade items or for other uses in crafting and trading, the most crafting process is expensive, but you can sell your crafted items with a higher price than the investment, so successful crafting can be profitable. 

- in path of exile, you have 5 flask slots and 10 equipment slots, there are a primary and a secondary slot. the number of possible sockets of your equipment is determined by the items you used and item levels, for example, most belts, amulets, rings, and quivers don't have sockets.

- the rarities of poe 3.7 items including normal (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow) and unique (orange), which decide what orbs can be used on it.

path of exile 3.7 legion crafting guide - poe crafting methods 3.7

- upgrade item rarity. you can use poe orbs to upgrade a normal item to magic or rare item, which is not costly, like orb of transmutation can upgrade normal item to a magic one, orb of chance changes white item to either magic, rare or unique version, and orb of alchemy gets a rare item. 

- add item modifiers. this is a reliable crafting method and you can only add wanted modifiers, but it's relatively expensive. you can use chaos orbs crafting after you have alched an item until you get the desired mods or the systematic alt/regal/exalt method to get the specific mods. 

- master crafting. use the crafting bench in your hideout and recipes in certain maps and master content to get wanted modifier. crafting life stats is relatively cheap and helpful to the player. 

path of exile 3.7 legion crafting guide - poe currency & orbs crafting tips

- if you use quality gems or orbs on a normal item, they +5% quality up to 20, 2% on a magic item and 1% on a rare item, it is similar for much all of the quality currency items and to sold for scroll of wisdom. 

- glassblower's bauble is used to add quality on flasks, 5% for the white flask and 1% for rare or uniques. you can buy one from the vendor for eight blacksmith's whetstone but you're most likely better saving these.

- jeweller's orb will reroll the number of sockets on an item. it's very cheap and you can get plenty by using it while leveling. and the orb of fusing creates the links between the sockets, it'll help make your character stronger.

- chromatic orb is how you recolor an item. they are very common and easy to get by selling a red, green or blue linked item, if you have some three linked items, sell it for a chromatic orb to the vendor and use it to make your gear work.

- orb of scouring will remove all the modifiers from an item. so it'll turn either magic or rare item into a normal item. it does not work on unique items. they're also fairly cheap. you will not find many while leveling, but for new players, they don't have much use.

- blessed orb changes the implicit of an item. you'll most likely want to wait with using these later until the endgame when you're not going to change items all the time, they're fairly cheap, but also rare to actually find yourself. they're just not used as much.

- divine orb


is also a rare orb, it rerolls all the stats, all the affixes. you don't want to use this early game at all and either sell them or save them for later items.

- orb of alteration is common, the majority of them can be obtained by selling identified blues and rare items to the vendor and they reforge an item. so if it's a blue item it will re-roll and give it new stats. the big use for them will be in the crafting bench.

- orb of augmentation, if the blue only has one stat, it'll give it one more max stats on a blue item, you get it by selling rarest with six affixes and they also drop by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers or from arcanist's strongboxes.

- chaos orb, the entire poe economy basically revolves around it and most items are priced in chaos orbs, it is used in trading and rerolling a rare item with minimum four stats on it.

- regal orbs changes a magic item into a rare item. so it adds one stat and they are very rare. probably get around two or three from the storyline, not worth a lot because there is a later recipe for late-game that you can make them but you're most likely not going to use these a lot while leveling yourself.

- orb of annulment, this is a very expensive orb that used for endgame crafting and there's no reason for you to use it during the leveling storyline until you understand more about it.

- vaal orbs, basically corrupt an item, and they can't really be changed anymore. there's a large number of different outcomes. make sure you want to make then cannot be further modified before using a vaal orb on an item.

- exalted orb, one of the rarest orbs in the game and used for a lot of the trading in like big-ticket items, exalted orbs will be somewhere in the 100 to 150 chaos orb value, you will don't want to use these early game at all. definitely, don't be running around using these on your items very much.

- mirror of kalandra is the single most expensive currency in the game, it is worth somewhere like 100-250 exalted orbs sometimes more and around 4000-7000 chaos orbs, depending on what league you're playing and don't use it. it just duplicates an item copies it and it's very much like high-end drafting.

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