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Top Path Of Exile 3.7 Builds - 6 Strongest Builds For POE Legion League 2019

7/22/2019 3:39:12 PM

After the beginning of the Legion League, we had been searching for any strong build which can help level up characters fast or farm up existing POE items and get the best game experience. Here we’ll be sharing some top Path of Exile 3.7 builds, which covers 6 strongest builds for POE Legion 2019. 

top Path of Exile 3.7 builds

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Best Path Of Exile 3.7 Builds Guide/Tips - 6 Strongest POE 3.7 Legion Builds 2019

It’s a good mix of meta and hips the builds combined into one article. Here we are going to take a look at what might be the strongest build in the game. They are extremely fun and interesting builds that will be using. With below builds, you will do enough damage, have high defenses to take on even the toughest opponents, and be clearing maps within seconds which means more loot and experience. Just check out Goldkk.com 6 best Path of Exile 3.7 builds. 

Utopian’s 3.7 Ice Golem Elementalist Build

> decent clear speed

> all content viable

> can do most Map mods with ease

> Multiple layers of defense 

> Very good damage with the right gear

< Difficult to cap resists without expensive rares

< Min-maxing is ridiculously expensive

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In Path of Exile, Builds have been a thing for a couple of years, and we have seen them in all kinds of variants in forms up to this date, they typically appealed to the type of player who wants to run a build that can deal with all the different types of content but isn't necessarily too concerned about it fitting into the clear speed meta category that being said: builds can actually be rather fast if the play style is tailored around the design. Another great thing about: builds or summoners in general is that they tend to be able to run almost any map month and so reroll again spending extra currency to get the right map is less of a hassle, the build is played as the elementalist and through this ain't the leash of the primordial and elements or key stones, you'll be able to increase the soft cap of one maximum going up at a time to three. However it does not stop here to further increase the amount of columns, the build can summon it further incorporates the clay shape amis the primordial chain amulet in the Animus stone jewel enabling the build to summon up to eight active golems at a time very late-game, the build transitions into a bow and quiver type setup as bows can roll some powerful minions FX's m+ levels to gems with the ladder, typically being amongst the strongest ways to scale at golems power. Besides this, the build feature items such as the skin of the loyal chest armor, the command of the pit blocks or alternatively the grip of the Council Bluffs, the skull head helmet, the victory oak and of course the primordial harmony and primordial essence golem jewels alternatively, the build can also be played as a necromancer doing some means. Through the necromancer ascendency tons of minion damage speed and life can be achieved to make up for this, with the additional benefit of being able to heavily scale spectre minions for their added benefit. 

Raazen’s 3.7 Frost Blades Champion Build

> Quick map clear with frost blades

> Great single target damage - good boss killer

> Relatively low HP

> Smoother to level 

> High attack damage

> Hardcore viable 

Needs good investment in order to achieve great single target damage

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The second best POE Legion build is a frost blades champion. Like many other skills received a buff in 3.7 Legion, this includes gaining a significant amount of flat cold damage per gem level, making it feel much smoother to level with and as a result also providing more damage to scale and endgame as a side note, frost blades to be amongst the best leveling skills for anyone who's trying to level and melee oriented build at this time, the difference between this build in many other typical frost play-based builds is that this setup rather than focusing on attack speed as a way of scaling your DPS, rather focus on high attack damage and cripple suppliers to deliver the main results that reason. This build is designed around two-handed weapons or more specifically two-handed swords, the ideal in-game weapon for this setup is devoid Forge which at the current time in this league actually goes for rather affordable price. However, if you can't afford it at this time, you can until then use the terminus sort as another great alternative besides the weapons. The build also feature items such as the law brief chest armor, the stock Onias head helmet, and the mark of the elder ring. The build displayed as the champion ascendancy, and through this gains some powerful buffs for instance the champion will allow you to taunt enemies merely conquer a keystone. This will reduce the damage of those affected, but it gets even better once you're paired with the worthy foe Keystone, as it then also makes taunted enemies take additional damage and prevents them from evading attacks effectively branding you 100% hit chains against these enemies, and thus also negating the need to focus on accuracy and all that which it entails furthermore racing spelled also picked be unstoppable hero and 45 Keystone, this will Granger permanent uptime of 45 with a greatly increased effect racing.

Thedeathbeam’s 3.7 Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build

> High AoE and single-target DPS

> Solid defenses

> Smooth gameplay

> Can do any map mod

> Hardcore viable

> Great clear speed

> Amazing single target damage potential

< End game gear can be expensive

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Number three best POE build for Legion is a scourge arrow Pathfinder. Scourge arrow is an attack bow projectile chaos and channeling focused skill. The harder ain't longer you stroke, the bowstring the stronger the burst becomes and through this tiny spore pots are sent out in a path directly ahead of you, five strokes is enough to deliver the most powerful burst eventually each of these spots bloom and fires a nova of arrows to anyone in their near vicinity dealing damage to them. Scourge arrow also converts 60% of your physical damage to chaos, in this together with the dark scorn bow that adds another 25% conversion anti master tux assists keystone from the pathfinder ascendancy that adds another 10% enables the build to have up to 95% of all physical damage being converted to chaos damage, being able to effectively apply a high amount of chaos damage, also means that the build is able to effectively scale and build up poison stank's on enemies which for this build also means it is able to reliably build up virulence a buff, that any time the player have the herald of agony scale enabled in poisons and enemy buffs the agony crawler minion that in turn, then becomes a true powerhouse in itself and blends a whale. Coming additional damage boost alongside the powerful poison sticks that the scourge arrow applies and this result allows you to deliver some powerful single target damage alongside the great map clearing potentially test by proliferating poison snakes onto nearby enemies through the nature's reprisal ascendency Keystone. Besides the darks convo, the build also feature items such as the embalmer clocks, the yet series promise inti carlitos signature flasks include this build as it is a great beginners choice for anyone wanting to try out a bow build that can effectively deal with any constant in the game.

Hybrid’s 3.7 Reave/Lacerate/Cyclone Berserker Build

> super safe for mapping

> really acceptable budget

> insane clear speed

> absurd DPS

> all content viable

> very high Life pool

> smooth leveling

< can't do physical reflect maps

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Coming up fourth is a reef berserker build. Considering the scale is a lot of fun to play and that hybrids build has been set up to also work with either cyclone or lacerate, it piqued your interest. All three scales have received changes in 3.7, Riven lacerate have had their damage or more specifically damage effectiveness greatly buffed lesser rate, also received an interesting mechanical change making it work differently and directly through the blood ain't st. Stances. When in bloodstains lacerate has a 25% chance to cause bleeding ain't 50% more damage with bleeds and insane stains and 50% increased girth of the attack. Lacerate also received a strong flat damage boost per level of the skeleton making it easier to level with and thus also a lot more enjoyable at those early levels before getting yourself a proper weapon bottom line cyclone. The builders played SD per server and through this opens up for some powerful rate stacking possibilities through crave D slaughter that together with right of ruin is going to break, increase your tank speed damage and movement speed at the cost of life agent penalty, something which leech or regular extra life regeneration can combat paint solve furthermore fruit flawless cemetery and plaits even more damage gets unlocked with the additional blitz mechanic being able to apply a stacking buff and with each tank more tank speed is achieved. The build is designed around dual wielding sorts and of noteworthy gear features items such as the sack Onias head helmet, the belly of the beast or alternatively the carcass jank or law brief body armors in the tomb fist gloves a fair warning, though many of the non unique items require a bit of crafting or trading know how to get the most out of. So unless you already possess those skills or off the challenge of getting to learn them, then you might want to manage your expectations of how far you can push this build. If you already feel comfortable around trading or crafting, then this build can save you all the way from the sunny beach in Bulgaria into the uber elders domain in Russia.

Typicaldemon’s 3.7 Toxic Rain Trickster Build

> Cheap to start, cheap to invest in upgrades, scope for further investment

> Layered defenses

> Budget-friendly

> Layered defenses

> Multiple slow mechanics: from Toxic Rain, from Withering Touch, and potentially from Temp Chains on Hit too.

> Both active and passive recovery mechanics.

< Mana can be an issue on bosses; consider bringing a hybrid flask

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The fifth great Path of Exile 3.7 build is a toxic rain trickster. Toxic rain is another boss skill that converts a large percentage of physical damage into chaos damage but unlike scourge arrow isn't the channeling skill. From the gameplay you might notice that the build use a head under, however that doesn't mean the build requires that to function, so don't let that discourage you from trying the build in case you find it interesting. With that out of the way with the scale you will shoot five arrows into the air, then rains down upon and damages. Enemys Indy target the area and creating small pots where the projectiles linked each of these four parts produce a chaos damage over time effect that besides dealing damage slows the enemy's movement, after short duration is four parts burst and delivers further damage to anyone around them, the faster you attack the more parts you'll be able to cover the area in which can then be further improved by duration modifiers to increase the dot effect from the pods enabling them to stank the damage over time effect for a longer duration and us dealing more damage. What this boils down to is really that toxic rain has some interesting mechanics that when built around hope himself was in powerful single target damage potential together with great area coverage making it possible to achieve great clear speed. With the scale to the bell displayed as the trickster ascendancy for some powerful damage gaining via patient Reaper in prolonged pain but also for the amazing energy shield ain't life recovery potential that can be achieved via the ghost shroud mechanic unlocked through go stains and then escape artists of noteworthy gear coax Pelt feature items such as the vertex mask ailment, the queen of the forest chest armor, the at Ceres step boots anti Maloney's mechanism quiver which currently is the only quiver in the game that actually has sockets in it besides the base type. Another cool thing about that is whenever you attack with a bow like with toxic rain for instance, then the succulent gems in the bow will trigger go was set up utilize the friendship scale and with the curse on hit ain't despair for an easy way to generate extra or sustain frenzy charges and to reliably apply the curse to anyone it hits. 

LiftingNerdBro’s 3.7 Flicker Strike Ascendant/Slayer Build

> Might have the fastest clear speed in the game

> Good boss killer

> Fairly cheap items

> Huge amount of Life Leech

< Impossible to avoid some attacks because of Flicker Strike Flicker Strike

< Cannot do “Cannot Leech Life/Mana from Monsters” map mods

< Must switch two support gems on tougher boss fights

< Almost impossible to Delve (due to Flicker Strike mechanics)

< The high clear speed can cause lag spikes

Click HERE to find the complete guide for this build 

The last strongest POE 3.7 build is the flicker strike ascendant or Slayer build. Flicker strike was changed in 3.7 to have up to 20% chains on hit to generate a friend she charged just by itself, this means that Francey church sustain has become much easier and less reliant on specific items to help sustain the skills such as we've seen in the past together with the Oro sacrifice or terminus s sword. The build is designed to be a fast map with survivability in focus it can deal with bosses up to and including the shave, but bossing isn't really the focus of the build and if you decide on trying it out, then do it for its map clearing potential rather than as late-game boss skill. After that manner it is played as the ascendant starting by first picking up the champion sub ascendant sweep for extra damage multipliers every 45 effect and 20% change to impale which allows the build to eventually reach 100% chains, it also picks up the Berserker ascendance, you are strong damage multiplier but even more importantly the ability to generate rage without necessarily having to suffer the downsides of those of the regular per server ascendancy or having to use the rage support gym, the build is rather budget-friendly.


We will try our best to help you to find more fun in this game, sharing more best POE builds to use. 

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