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Best POE 3.9 Starter Builds - Top 3 POE Metamorph League Builds For Beginner (2019)

12/21/2019 11:12:31 AM

Path of Exile Metamorph League has been officially launched!

With the arrival of 3.9, the defensive capabilities of virtually all monsters have been increased, especially bosses. The game as a whole has become more difficult. In this case, you are required to find some best builds to explore the POE Metamorph content. Here goldkk.com brings 3 POE great starter builds for Conquerors of the Atlas 3.9, Storm Burst Trickster Build, Lacerate Gladiator Build, Lacerate Gladiator Build including great boss killers and fast mappers with great clear speed. We’ll be covering the pros and cons of each build, the flexibility of gearing and how POE 3.9 changes affected the build. 

Path Of Exile 3.9 Starter Builds - Top 3 Builds For POE Metamorh League 

After a long wait, conquerors of the Atlas is finally about to begin and with it comes a complete overhaul to the endgame storyline waiting for you is a brand new array of endgame bosses to take down but getting there might not be so easy. All of the act bosses have been improved and made more difficult with some even receiving new skills when you aren't fighting them. You're going to be coming up against the bosses of the metamorph challenge league monstrosity z' that can transform at a moment's notice leaving you in the dark. In order to help you explore the new League easily, this guide presents best 3 starter builds for Path of Exile Metamorph. 

Check the list of top 3 Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Starter Builds. 


Storm Burst Trickster Build POE Metamorph

> Flexible & Easy to clear

> Hardcore viable

> Great single target damage potential

> Great range, can off-screen immobile monsters

< Can get quite expensive late game when you aim to fully gear with best in slot items

< Cannot do elemental reflect areas

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It’s an extremely well rounded build that gives you a lot of control, you can scatter your storm burst to clear the entire screen at one time or you can focus them down to drastically increase our boss killing potential. Storm burst manages to be both a solid mapper and a potent boss killer rolled into one defensively, the build pushes over 8,000 effective life has consistent fortify a cast wind damage taken steel skin support extremely crucial access to stun immunity from both escape artists and from various nodes on the tree, consistently leeches both life and energy shield and finally features a high block chance to evade some attack and spell dodge and a chunk of physical damage reduction as well. With its only major downside being, its channeling nature meaning it has to stop to cast but with the builds defensive layers in storm bursts exceedingly versatile offensive capabilities the build performs extremely well in almost all circumstances. Best of all, it can be geared very flexibly even on a shoestring budget. Every single slot can be filled with a piece of rare gear. 

In addition, in 3.9 Metamorph League, a very large power spike due to the newly introduced awakens support gems, with many of them being very applicable to storm burst, made a variety of small changes to the build. The most notable is dropping elemental focus allowing us to now chill freeze in shock our enemies. With storm burst is both flexible and powerful, the gem itself can be picked up at level 12.

POE 3.9 Lacerate Gladiator Build 

> Extremely tanky

> Perfect league starter

> Clears fast with bleed explosions

> Flexible build path and skill choices

> Strong single target damage (~2.5 million DPS in average gear)

> Capable and can withstand some wicked hits without going down

> Takes down all content 

< Melee build; requires proper positioning on end-game content and bosses

< Not designed to facetank bosses like Minotaur

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It’s a frantically fast versatile and exceedingly powerful melee build . Lacerate functions in two different forms while in sand stands, lacerate deals wider area of effect based damage improving our clear speed alternatively in blood stance. It focuses down into a smaller area dealing more potent boss damage, we attack devastatingly quickly inflict up to

8 powerful bleeds on each enemy causing all bleeding enemies that you kill to explode damaging everything near them and to top it all off. We'll be stacking powerful impales on every enemy we hit, the build clear is extremely comfortably and takes down even the highest tiers of bosses. Defensively, the build is quite capable and can withstand some wicked hits without going down. We have a life pool that can push over 7,500, we have consistent life leech in constant access to the buff fortify, we also have completely capped physical damage reduction 90%, we also both chill and maim our enemies causing them to move slower and attack slower making them easier to dodge and easier to kill. Finally we have a cast wound damage taken molten shell over max resistances in a chunk of both dodge and block chance. All-in-all, Lacerate Gladiator clears fast slaughters bosses and can take serious hits and get right back on it can do all of this on a very flexible budget much like storm burst. Every single slot can be filled with a rare piece of gear. 

Lacerate Gladiator is going to be exceedingly powerful and flexible and is well worth your consideration lacerate can be picked up very early at level 12 and can be used for the rest of the leveling process. 

Ice Shot Deadeye Build For POE Metamorph Starters

> Ridiculous clear speed

> Fantastic map farmer

> High shaper deeps

> Handles all content with investment

< Ranger so squishy when actually hit

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This starter build for POE Metamorph League is now easier and cheaper to gear and features in numerous added alternatives for each slot. The build moves fast and clears maps impressively quickly while still managing to pull off some very competent single target damage that may have seen some serious improvement with the new barrage support. And the huge variety of awaken support gems that will benefit this build very heavily. Defensively, the build pushes over 5,500 life has a very solid chance to evade over 50% in often camps out, its attack and spell dodge at 75%. It also utilizes a cast wound damage taken steel skin as well. it also leeches life very heavily with fall packed it can bounce back from low health almost instantly. One of our greatest defenses though is simply being able to keep our distance in our ability to move very quickly. We have no trouble standing back away from danger and also dodging incoming attacks. 

The main downside of this build is that it's a little bit trickier to gear for endgame compared to our last two builds. Our endgame weapon quiver and chess piece can all proved to be relatively expensive but build also ideally wants to have eight dying Sun flasks which will ultimately prove to be extremely expensive in this league. The bill can absolutely be run on a reasonable budget and can be utilized with a huge amount of flexible gear but to push the build to it's true and game potential you'll have to put in some serious investment. Potentially, one of the biggest changes to the build is losing consistent access to void fletcher, this won't affect our ability to clear entire screens in an instant whatsoever but it does give us a reasonable hit to our single target damage.

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