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Path Of Exile 3.9 Currency Farming Guide - How To Farm Blighted Maps For 400 Chaos Per Hour

1/14/2020 2:37:49 PM

With the release of Path of Exile 3.9, you will be definitely no stranger to POE Currency and maps, which can be extremely different in the in-game coin, gold. Here goldkk.com will talk about the loot important components of blended map farming and how you can maximize currency gain. We'll touch on a few key differences between low tier and high tier blooded map farming that you definitely need to think about. 

Path Of Exile 3.9 Currency Farming Guide - How To Farm Blighted Maps For 400 Chaos Per Hour

Best Currency Making Tips In POE 3.9

Most of the profits were from raw currency drops such as stacks decks and fusing x' notably, you can 6 exalted orbs to drop in that time frame, but even if you remove all the exhaust from the loot pool were still earning over 400 chaos per hour which is very respectable. 

The other chunk of currency comes from fossils and rusted scarabs which can be sold in bulk at higher prices if you have a large supply or be used yourself. Blighted Maps also dropped tons of sacrifice fragments divination cards and uniques, and I got a few great items.

How To Farm Blighted Maps For 400 Chaos Per Hour

The reason why I chose to try T 1 blight maps is because it is a strategy. Literally, anyone in maps should be able to do it's only a tier 1 map, after all, it's also super cheap to get started as of this recording T1 blight maps are only 12 chaos and the oil is I use to juice up the maps only cost 3 chaos in total per map there for around 15 chaos per map, the counters themselves are also super easy and some summoner builds can even go afk through the entire encounter. If you've never run a blade map before, it's basically a tower defense game where at the end you get to loot a bunch of chests.

How do you get started? The most important thing of them all is to use 3 teal oils to annoyance your blighted Maps with sister cassia, this converts 6 lighted chests at the end of the map into chests that are of higher value. 

Everyone's focused on a new outlet, this league blighted maps appear to have received a bit of a secret buff in their loot and some people just think blight maps are boring and don't want to run them. Maybe you'll find them to be a bit more fun as they are definitely very profitable. If you don't get a return on investment within a single blighted map, I'm certain it will average out to be a very profitable endeavor if you want to

farm them over multiple maps.


Pros And Cons Of Farming Higher Tier Maps

Specifically, tier 16 maps versus tier 1 maps. At tier 16 blighted maps, you gets rather than only tier 1 or tier 3 maps, you get higher level map drops up to tier 16, you get higher tier essences on average with some rare ones dropping, you get higher tier oils on average like opalescent silver and golden oils, you get higher level unique items, you also get more stacked decks more currency from loot chests. You get level 21 gem drops and rather than just sacrifice fragments Guardian fragments can drop, you can get polished and gilded scarabs shaper and alder bases higher level fossils like sanctified fossils item, level 83 abyss jewels and tons more. 

In general, all the loot levels up as you go into higher tiers and while all that sounds amazing in theory and while you can get these big drops, most of the time you'll be dropping junk golden oils can drop but most of the time it'll be clear oil guardian fragments can drop, but most of time it'll be sack for eggs and while Kilda scares and polish scarabs are big money. Russ's scares will be mixed into the loot pool and while I still profited, a lot running tier 16 blighted Maps on average the cost to entry is around 65 chaos per map, I can't say for certain whether T16 flights are more or less profitable than tier ones at this point.

But there is pretty much no one selling tier 16 flights in bulk, so trading for them is a nightmare. Tier 16 flights are also quite difficult for most builds and hired to your Reds are more susceptible to streaks of bad rng especially with the high cost to entry for most players, I think lower tier blights are the way to go and from my towers of farming. With great confidence, it is very profitable even at low tiers. Whether you want to run tier ones or the expensive higher tier Reds, it's up to you.

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