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Cool Rocket League Car Ideas - 5 Best Rocket League Werewolf Designs With FSL-B Wheels & Mainframe Decals

2/5/2020 5:53:09 PM

Werewolf is a classic and popular Rocket League battle-car released in 2018, check out our top 5 best custom cool Rocket League Werewolf designs equipped with FSL-B Wheels and Mainframe Decals, find out some new ideas for the old car.

GOLDKK New Custom Cool Rocket League Car Ideas for Werewolf 

Here are detailed information for each painted Werewolf car design. Werewolf is an Import car that can only be obtained from the Victory Crate, official Werewolf equipped with the Hiro wheels and the Luminous trail. FSL-B is a Rocket League wheel released in December 2019, which is classified as Very Rare, paintable and certifiable. Rocket League Mainframe is a Black Market decal released in 2018, which can be obtained from Zephyr Crate. More design ideas for Werewolf and other Rocket League cars: 


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Car: Grey Werewolf (Primary-C6-R7, Accent-C1-R3)

Decal: Mainframe

Wheels: Grey FSL-B

1-grey werewolf


Car: Orange Werewolf (Primary-C4-R4, Accent-C5-R4)

Decal: Orange Mainframe

Wheels: Orange FSL-B

2-orange werewolf


Car: Burnt Sienna Werewolf (Primary-C7-R1, Accent-C3-R1)

Decal: Burnt Sienna Mainframe

Wheels: FSL-B

3-burnt sienna werewolf


Car: Sky Blue Werewolf (Primary-C4-R4, Accent-C6-R7)

Decal: Sky Blue Mainframe

Wheels: Sky Blue FSL-B

4-sky blue


Car: Pink Werewolf (Primary-C10-R4, Accent-C14-R1)

Decal: Pink Mainframe

Wheels: Pink FSL-B

5-pink werewolf

Rocket League Werewolf Design Prices

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