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Tips for Improving and Ranking Up in Rocket League - How to Rank Up Fast in Rocket League?

2/21/2020 4:39:37 PM

How to rank up in Rocket League is always the focus players concerned, other than keeping an eye on the ball, there are many things you can analyze and to find out their use in the game. Here goldkk.com collected some useful tips for improving and ranking up in Rocket League for your reference.

ranking up in Rocket League

How to Improve in Rocket League? - 5 Tips for Improving in Rocket League

There are diverse guides for improving in Rocket League, almost covering each aspect, Helical has proposed some hidden tips that may be neglected by most players.

1. Pay attention to the lines indicate curvature on the wall

There’s only very thin matter above the goals on the corner of walls, the use of these lines is that they can indicate when the wall starts curving, if you see the ball is going to hit between these lines, then it means it will bounce at an awkward angle, then you can make the preparation.

2. Map preferences

When the color of ground is similar to the pad, it’s very hard to see them. Go into my preferences, dislike all the maps that make camouflage the boost pads, you’ll never suffer from this problem.

3. Video settings

When you under a high ball and sun, it’s hard to see the ball due to the strong light, the weather effects made visibility extremely low, so go to the video settings, turn off the Weather Effects, Light Shafts and Lens Flares.

4. Transparent goalposts

Just to turn on the Transparent Goalposts under the video settings. It allows you to see through the goals when you are inside.

5. Use quite boost and engine

It’s hard for people to hear you coming up behind them.

How to Rank Up Fast in Rocket League? - Tips for Ranking Up to Next Rank

The key to rank up for each Rocket League rank is different, Wayton Pilkin has analyzed the easiest mistakes to make at each level and how to get to the next rank. Here are the main points.

1.Gold to Platinum: pay attention to where your teammates are and act accordingly

2.Platinum to Diamond: working on mechanics, learn how to half-lift aerial faster and more consistent hit the ball with more power; rotate back post.

3.Diamond to Champion: learn how to conserve boost and only go for it when they needed to; play faster and keep up with the pace.

4.Champion to Grand Champion: get consistent and learn the proper way of playing fast.

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