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5 Best Beginner Tips For New Rocket League Players | How To Get Better In Rocket League

10/16/2020 10:48:31 AM

Rocket League is now Free to Play and there’s been a plethora of players asking how to get better in RL Free to Play update, some are just starting up Rocket League for the first time and might be lost at where to begin. So today we present the top 5 best beginners tips for new Rocket League players, all the tips collected from Youtube and Reddit. 


5 Best Beginner Tips For New Players In Rocket League Free To Play

As the Rocket League just became Free to Play, there’s a lot more new players trying to learn the game. So this Rocket League beginner guide covers 5 basic tips and tricks which you must learn in order to improve Rocket League fast. You can outsmart your opponents or you can just be better than your friends because the game just became free to play and there’s a lot of new players playing and you can get higher ranks than those new players. You can have better win percentage than those players, you can outsmart them by margin with these 5 Rocket League beginner tips such as camera settings, 

1. Don’t Play Goalie 

When you start the game, some players think it’s a really good idea to stay in the goal the entire time and play as the goalkeeper. Don’t do this from now, you will constantly put your teammates in a 2v1 or 3v2 situation and you are very easy to play around instead play as a team and rotate around that you are constantly working together up and down the field.

2. Adjust Camera Settings & Turn Off Camera Shake

To start of Rocket League, you want to turn camera shake off and keep it off, this allows you to get a better feel of how you’re hitting the ball and helps you get better control of your Rocket League car. And having cameras shake off at all times also helps you in the long run when you’re learning how to do aerials. Camera settings is one of the biggest and important settings you want to change immediately after getting the game to have an advantage over both newer players. Having good camera also helps you feel more comfortable whilst playing and it overall boosts your enjoyment of the game. They also play a massive role in getting better .

3. Half-Flip 

Half flips are a little bit more on the harder side things, they’re just a way of turning around faster than doing a full u-turn and it helps you get places more time. The first step is to drive back and flip back on your back. Go backward and pull it back and then use your air control halfway through. So you’re going to cancel and then air roll behind. Whenever a opponent hits you and then you have flip back and get there and just block it. This will save you a lot of time and you can get on defense way faster than you have ever done it before. 

4. Hold Back As Last Car

If you’re the furthest car back on your team, you are the last line of defense for your goal. Try and hold off on committing until you know for sure you’re beating the other team to the ball, and that your teammates in front of you aren’t going for the ball themselves. Double or triple committing is one of the biggest mistakes that newer players make, so be patient to avoid booping bumpers, even if your teammates won’t extend the favour.

5. Play, Then Play More

Rocket League is a game where it is going to take a lot time and effort to learn the mechanics of the game. It’s a physics based game where you have to control every minute little detail because of that you need to build that muscle memory, you need to understand how the ball is going to bounce off the wall and how to read that. You need to understand that how hard to hit the ball, how soft do you have to touch it, what kind of finesse and nuances to learn and pick up and the best way to do that is putting in the hours.

Hope you find these Rocket League beginners tips useful. And if you have other ideas of suggestions that you think may help out beginner players, make sure you leave those in the comments down below. If you are looking for cheap Rocket League items and credits, goldkk will always be your best choice!

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