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ACNH January Update Predictions - 5 Predictions About Festivale Event In Animal Crossing New Horizons

1/11/2021 4:23:06 PM

A lot of players are fully interested in the new January update “Festivale Event” in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Today, we will highlight the ACNH Festivale Event 5 predictions and details you will need to know, in case you can get ready for it!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Predictions - 5 Predictions About ACNH Festivale Event In January


Since the winter updates a couple of months back, the next big update will take place on the 16th of February in Animal Crossing New Horizon. Pave the peacock special character appearing in games for the first time. Traditionally, pave hosts a festivale event which is the first event of spring. What’s more, Pave will be the key point of the ACNH January update 2021. 


1. Predictions For ACNH January Updates - Time Locked

 In the real world Mardi Gras and carnival style celebrations. During the event pave shows off his bright and colorful feathers, and he will dance through the entire celebration. Players will be rewarded with limited-time furniture in exchange for feathers found in town. Typically the holiday falls in mid to late February or early March each year. The celebrations will be launched on February 16th, 2021 which is the day before Ash Wednesday. Pave and the Festivale Event will most likely be added in the ACNH January update. But will probably be time-locked until the real-world time the same as Turkey Day and Toy Day events were in the winter update before the holidays, in case time travelers playing through the event before the scheduled dates.

2. Predictions For ACNH January Updates - Confetti

During the festival celebrations in previous games, the entire Animal Crossing town is filled with colorful confetti. It falls from the sky to honor the ACNH January update festivities. On the other hand, festival is based on carnival celebrations, there's a good chance confetti will return to fall throughout all islands in New Horizons. One of the main mechanics of the festival event is to collect different colored feathers that are floating around town among the confetti. All you need to do is catching feathers and return them to Pave in exchange for unique limited-time new ACNH items and recipes.

3. Predictions For ACNH January Updates - Dancing Reactions

As you may know how much pave likes to dance and show off both his dance moves and feathers as soon as he gets the chance. Since the ACNH Halloween update back in October, Nintendo has expanded its default emotions and reactions inventory by adding some new and unlockable scary reactions. Furthermore, more reactions were added in the latest ACNH winter update. Predictions for the January updates that pave will reward us with new dancing reactions during Festivale.

4. Predictions For ACNH January Updates - Carnival Clothing

One prediction of the Festivale celebrations updates in January which is Carnival style ACNH clothing. This event is all about dressing up as bright and colorful as possible in a variety of amazing clothes costumes and accessories. Given the fact that most of the holidays in new horizons will add new clothing items. Therefore, there's a good chance we'll expect some new seasonal carnival-themed clothing items. Some amazing new festival outfits probably added as prizes for catching feathers or added to the able sisters to purchase.

5. Predictions For ACNH January Updates - Mini-Game

One of the best features surrounding the festival event in past games is that villagers were much more involved in the holiday than they usually were. Animal Crossing Villagers want to play one of several funny mini-games include (rock paper scissors, charades and coin toss) with players during the event. Playing games with them will make the event much more immersive and interactive,  so that it would be a great thing to return after 2021 January in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


That’s all five ACNH update predictions or features that may see added in the January festival event. Please stay tuned for more upcoming Animal Crossing news at goldkk.com.


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