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Path Of Exile Best Starter Build - POE Easy Leveling Build Guide For Beginner

12/21/2021 11:04:05 AM

Are you a beginner in Path of Exile who is looking for the best starter build or simply wants the most well-rounded league starter capable of doing all content? This is a Path of Exile starting leveling guide for caustic arrows or toxic rain pathfinders. This is a build that uses bow attacks that deal chaos damage and this is currently the best starter build in Path of Exile. 

The Advantages of the Best Path Of Exile Starter Build

It is very rare to find the POE best build beginners that have all of these characteristics

  • Fast clear speed 

  • Easy bossing

  • Good survivability

  • Does all map mods without any adjustment 

  • Great QOL, comfortable playstyle

  • Strong at league start with 0 budget

  • SSF HC Viable

  • Uses the same skill from stat to maps

  • Very good late game scaling


Path Of Exile Best Starter Build Easy Leveling Guide In Act 1

Naturally, you want to pick a ranger, and after killing hilock grab a caustic arrow from tarkley and look for the following, green, green, green, green, green and red linked. So you want a three-link with all green or and also all green and one red movement. Speed boots and three socketed items with green and red sockets. Apart from the three lengths, you're going to need three green sockets and two red sockets for oriole skill gems. Your setup at the start will be a caustic arrow linked with piers and a burning arrow for extra single target damage. Go first to the submerged passage grab the waypoint and go to the tidal island to kill the hell rake open up with a caustic arrow and while the green toxic ground is dealing damage. Spam some burning arrows for extra damage make sure to refresh the caustic arrow. As it expires to try and keep both dots up, you'll basically double your damage, then grab puncture dash quicksilver flask mirage archer and also buy steel skin from Nessa. Check the vendor again for the gear with the right sockets and also for movement speed boots, you can type nn in the search to highlight movement speed boost very quickly.


We do not use onslaught because we mostly kill with damage over time that doesn't activate onslaught and mirage archer ends up clearing more monsters. While allowing us to run more and giving us more quicksilver charges which end up, in the end, to be about the same speed but mirage archer is actually a gem that we'll need in the endgame. So make sure to socket all of your gems and proceed to the submerged passage. Once you see a long bridge or an orange doorway on the minimap. Leave the portal and continue on to the ledge. Make sure to not log out or the portal will disappear and we need it for later.


Sockets are one of the most important things to focus on early on. You will need to check the vendors whenever you're in town they reset every time you level up. It is very helpful to have a custom loot filter that will highlight and notify you, whenever you drop the right sockets on the right items. Make sure that you're also picking up magic and rare Path of Exile items and selling them for transmutes, you will need to buy three skill gems that cost a transmute in act one. You also want an extra one or two to craft your resists later. Do not spend them on anything else. Put on a short bow whenever you can as far as the weapon goes, we do not care about the damage heals, we only care about the attack speed and plus to gem levels as well as damage overtime multiplier.

 You might end up using your short bow until the maps. It doesn't really matter unless you get one of those stats on it because we care about the attack speed. We're going to be using either a short bow, grove bow, or thicket bow since they are the quickest bases with 1.5 attack speed per second. If you find early alchemy or essence, you can use it on an item that will stick with you for a while and has a chance of rolling something useful on a three-linked pair of boots which can give you movement speed.  Once you pick up a primal spirit node you can sock at your steel skin and put it on the left click. It will periodically cast itself automatically, making you tankier. 

Take the prison waypoint and go back to town and then through the portal that we left back to submerged, kill the crab balls using the rotation of caustic arrow puncture and two or three burning arrows. Rotating those three skills and making sure all three dots are always up will boost your damage by a lot afterward. You can grab void manipulation from Nessa and put it with your caustic arrow instead of piercing. If you have some spare green linked sockets, you can put piers with a puncture or burning arrows that will allow you to hit bosses a little bit easier without those pesky skeletons getting in the way and blocking bosses from getting hit by it. It is very optional though you don't need that kill Brutus with the rotation of your three attacks and pick up smoke mine and vitality.

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