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How To Mod Fast In Diablo 2 Resurrected - D2R Guide

12/21/2021 3:45:15 PM

Have you found a better way to load Diablo 2 Resurrected mods? In this D2R guide, we show you how to mod Diablo 2 Resurrected fast. We've covered two ways of loading mods so far using direct dash text and using dash mod. 

How To Mod Fast In Diablo 2 Resurrected  - D2R Guide

It turns out that we can combine these methods and it results in us not having to extract 40 gigs of data files. So what we want to do comes to our diablo 2 resurrected directory, we want to create a new folder called mods. In that folder, we want to create another folder with our mod name. And in that folder, we want to create another folder with your mod name dot mpq. 

So instead of creating an actual mpq file, we're just naming a folder as an npq file. This is enough for the game. Now in that folder, we want to create a modinfo.json and this is a very simple file it just has your name and saves the path for us. This save path is how it separates out your modded save games. You are going to leave everything as your mod name.


Once we have the modinfo.json created, we want to create our folder structure for our modified files whatever files we want to actually modify. You can have like data global excel or data local language strings for item names, this would be the exact same as if you were actually creating an mpq file. Once we have that, we want to open task view and we want to open storage we're opening our diablo 2 resurrected. Now you have all your data files. 

We highly recommend extracting this data file guide because that has all the information you need on the different columns in these different files. So once you've identified what you want to change just simply copy the file out of that, so if you drag the levels.txt out into your data global excel under XXX.mpq directory, you can then just edit this file. Therefore, you can open this in excel or d2xl or LibreOffice calc whatever tool you want to use.


You are re just going to modify this slightly and going to change it. So only quill rats are in the first area, save it and we're going to want to keep the format that it's in and then we go to play diablo 2 Resurrected so we come down to game settings. We want to have dash mod the name of our mod in this case dash txt. Just hit play and what this will do is use the text files in that folder instead of requiring the dot bin files which we haven't generated yet. 

Then we load up our offline character and we want to find the quill rat in the first area now if you remember there should be no zombies, no fallen, just quill rats and we've modified a couple of different things. So you can see lots of lovely uniques and some rares. It's fantastic we haven't had to generate the bin files, we've only extracted the files we've wanted to change and that's enough.

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