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Elden Ring New Insane Discoveries - Flame Chariot Eyes, Erdtree Differences, Astel Ost Origin & More

7/31/2022 5:48:03 PM

Elden Ring is the prime example of a game with lots of hidden secrets and mechanics and today we're breaking down 7 very cool discoveries including the flame chariot eyes, erdtree differences, astel ost origin and more. 

7 New Insane Discoveries In Elden Ring

1. Godfrey Phantom Aggro

One of the coolest stories in the lore of Eldon Ring is of more god in his devotion to the earth tree and one thing maybe we would have seen more of is how he pursues us and tries to stifle our journey throughout the game. But an interesting discovery was made regarding that subject by grimace the creator of the dark souls nightfall mod. He discovered that while most bosses aggro once the player either gets near them or deals damage, the godfrey phantom boss in lane dell becomes aggroed on the character after the first market interaction all the way in stormville castle. You can see in the files here that among the parameters for the aggro is a line that says add attacked with damage type characters market. It is extremely strange that this line exists in the first place because as far as we can think about it, we don't think there's any way to ever tell that the reason for the aggro was actually attacking margaret. Now from a lore perspective the shade that we fight is a projection by market or technically morgot.

2. Flame Chariot Eyes

They're weird enough on their own being steampunk contraptions piloted by these tiny guys in the back. While they're aggroed on you, the eyes actually follow you around. It's an extremely easy detail to miss especially when they spew bright fire all over your screen, but only helps to add to the weirdness of these things, their appearance always  caught us off guard with the whole dark age medieval setting, having this steampunk mechanical device roaming around, definitely felt a bit out of place but that's exactly what adds to the charm of these games and makes us wonder what other little details are hiding in the appearances of the creatures we find throughout the land. 

3. Eye of Yelough Guarana

Of the many aspects of Elden Ring's lore, the flame of frenzy is one of the most prominent telling the story of a man termed demon shibriri and the unfortunate fate of the nomadic merchant tribe. But one thing that can always be found in areas where the flame of frenzy has manifested are the eyes of yellow, which have a description that reads a shrub fruit bursting with ripened pulp, grown in lands afflicted by frenzy it is used for pain relieving properties though it's also known to be a dangerous intoxicant. But d these appear to be based on the real live fruit guarana. Guarana are also a shrub fruit that grow in the amazon basin. However, they have a unique property to burst open and look like eyes. Now beyond just a physical appearance, there's several other connections between guarana and the eyes of yellow. The eyes of yellow are described as a pain relieving intoxicant but can be used to craft clarifying items which boost focus. Now guarana is a heavy natural source of caffeine which is often taken in supplement form to help increase focus as well. But things get pretty interesting when we look at local legends surrounding the fruit. Brazilian folklore describes guarana as emerging after a boy was tricked and killed by a wicked deity, his mother mourned the passing and buried the boy's eyes into the ground from which the gorona fruit emerged. And we can see that the eyes of yellow grow in the places where the eyes of those afflicted by frenzy have been detached. 

4. Elden Ring 1.00 vs 1.05

If you were somebody who kept up with Elden Ring before the game's release and played the closed network test, then you may have noticed that back then things were quite a bit different and this is also true of the base version of Elden Eing before the day 1 patch. A lot of people have been diving into the 1.0 version of the game and spotting all kinds of differences.

There are a lot more changes between the 1.0 version and the modern version, bosses were moved around, item descriptions were totally different. The hud was very different as well.

5. Erdtree Differences

Elden Ring has a lot to do with mushrooms and that potentially the urge tree itself may be a form of fungi. The golden part of the tree was very distinct and separate from a standard tree that lies beneath based on visual evidence around the Elden Throne. In the upper branches of the Erdtree, we can find darker branches that seem to be of a normal tree. Howeve, they have these weird golden threads growing all over them much like when a hostile plant uses vines to choke out another in a battle for resources. It is also confirmed that there are in fact very distinct barks, the translucent gold bark and the bark of a normal tree. There are two distinct trees here with the gold crawling around a normal tree like a fungi can finally confirm the idea that there was in fact a normal tree before the gold took over.

Erdtree Differences

6. Mountaintops Tree Stump

If the earth tree is actually a form of fungi, then it requires something to decompose and if this next theory is correct and there is more than enough fuel to give life to something as grand as the earth tree. Because recently ariden hypothesized that the mountaintops of the giants may actually be one giant petrified tree and there is a bit of evidence to support this. First off, the entire land structure of the area is vastly different than everything else in the lands between, the rock structure on the side is nearly all vertical very similar to that of petrified bark and the mountain tops of a giant cut down the middle as if it's breaking apart. But even on the map the surrounding land mass of the mountaintops is significantly bigger than anywhere else, almost like the trunk of a tree. Now for how unusual this rock formation is we can't forget about devil's tower that was also hypothesized to be a massive tree trunk. So this rock formation isn't impossible but very unlikely. But let's entertain the idea for a minute going off of the idea of the erd tree being a mass case of decomposition, it would make sense for something like that to grow because the mountaintops are full of the dead bodies of giants. And the most likely place for a mushroom to grow is at the foot of a dead tree.

7. Astel OST Origin

One of the most overlooked things in all of Elden Ring are the Osts. In this game, a lot of people just assume that they're not as good as the others but we would encourage you to go back and listen carefully to them because there's a lot of hidden gems like Astel 's ost and falling star beast ost down which we would highly recommend you check out because both Astel and falling star beasts osts are sort of plays or remixes on a piece called saturn by gustav holst.

So saturn is one of many pieces in a collection by gustav holst called the planets and it's also not the first time from software has used this collection as inspiration as the living failures ost was also a play on mars. But it really does cement that creepy cosmic nature of estelle and the falling star beast even in a musically fundamental way.

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