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PoE 3.19 State of Mapping in Lake of Kalandra | Lake of Kalandra Guide with the State of Mapping

9/1/2022 3:26:58 PM

With GGG’s new philosophies, endgame mapping in PoE has been completely flipped on its head, low-investment mapping is now king, putting in maps as fast as possible to increase Divine/Hour, high-investment mapping feels worse than ever with a lot of previous strategies (Conqueroe map 100% deli) resulting in a complete loss even after the loot “buffs”.


Importance of Reward Templates

  • Huge emphasis on league mechanics that have Chests and Icons.

  • Legion and Expedition are by far the best league mechanics to put your map, but price of Scarabs has adjusted.

  • Blight and Heist also have guaranteed rewards.

  • In a lot of juiced maps, we’re finding more loot from Legion Chests and War Hoards than loot killing monsters.

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In PoE right now, you are not rewarded for killing monsters, instead, you're rewarded for opening chests, that's pretty much the TLDR of what's going on in PoE, we guess for the expedition, you're kind of rewarded for getting logbooks from killing the expedition mobs, so expedition is probably the only true form of juice mapping that even exists with grand design, another league mechanic that some people mentioned that could be potentially good is ritual, we have heard hit or miss stories about that but the ritual has always been more or less a lottery when you do it because it's not guaranteed and in the past ritual was pretty much a complete loss until you hit a mirror or something high value.

Divine Orb Change

  • Divine Change killed off Harbinger as Exalted Shards were a great source of consistent income.

  • King Harbingers were super fun to do, but now their best drop is an Ancient or Annulment Orb. Lack of Div Cards for Divine Orbs means there are less viable maps for farming. (Scout in Tropical Island and Brother’s Stash in Cemetery)

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  • No more 6Ls to vendor for Divines from Unique Monsters Drop Corrupted.

Cost of Mapping Materials

  • Only way for juiced mapping to be profitable materials to lower in price.

  • Currently, most Delirium Orbs are over 5c in bulk.

  • Gilded Divination/Reliquary are around 8-13c bulk, and there is zero chance you are making back your money solo if you are using these Scarabs.

  • Not sure why materials are not lower in price.

Our Current Experience

  • Low-investment mapping is still quite profitable.

  • Delirium Mirror is extremely cheap, and Deli Mirror Strand w/ Legions seems like a great strategy.

  • Trying out 60% Deli w/Gilded Div, Reliquary Scarabs on Defiled Cathedral was break-even and something a huge loss per map. Have found 3 Enlightened, 2 Seven Years Bad Luck, and Thunderfists.

  • To Card Drop Rates (Apothecary) have been nerfed massively, judging by now many are available on Trade Website.

Lack of Diversity

  • GGG has effectively killed off a variety of farming methods in favor of doing low-investment mapping focused around League Mechanics w/Reward Templates.

  • GGG has enforced a meta where you engage in a lotto to find the one God-Touched Rare. People are focused on putting as many rares on map as possible.

  • Alva, Harbinger, Abyss, Breach, and countless other past league mechanics now feel worthless as you can kill an insane amount of mobs, but nothing drops.

  • There is no real way to opt into more difficult content for more rewards.

Final Thoughts

  • Current state of mapping is the result of a hasty implementation of Archnemesis rewards.

  • 3.20 needs to bring sweeping changes to endgame mapping that actually allows you to invest into difficulty and get rewarded.

  • Group play more be the only way to break even for the highest end of juice.

  • Hunting for a God-Touched Mob is a boring playstyle.


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