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ACNH May Day Maze 2023 Guide: Date, Walkthrough, Rover Rewards (Items) | Animal Crossing May Day Tour 2023

4/16/2023 4:55:23 PM

In this ACNH May Day Event 2023 Guide, we will be showing you how to get through the May Day mazes fast, so you can meet Rover and get his exclusive prizes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons May Day 2023 Event Guide

The May Day Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons is an annual event that usually takes place during the first week of May.  During this event, players can participate in a special maze on an island. The maze is a puzzle that requires players to navigate through various obstacles and find their way to the end. At the end of the maze, players will encounter a special character and receive a unique reward. The prize for the May Day Maze Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons changes each year, so players can look forward to new and exciting rewards each time.

ACNH May Day Event 2023 Start & End Date

May Day Event of 2023 in Animal Crossing New Horizons starts on April 29th and ends on May 7th. Each year May Day has different dates so be sure to check the dates for the current year.

ACNH May Day 2023 Progression

Above we have briefly introduced that May Day is a seasonal event that can provide some special rewards, that is, limited-time decorative items.  So how to participate in the event and get prizes? We outline the ACNH May Day process steps to help you understand how the event works: 

1 - During this event, players are given the opportunity to participate in a special maze on a deserted island. To participate in the event, players need to speak to Tom Nook and receive a special May Day Ticket.  

2 - The ticket will allow you to travel to the May Day Island for  a one-time visit, where they will have to navigate through a maze to reach the end. 

3 - Once on the island, players will encounter Rover, a special character who will give them a brief introduction to the maze. 

4 - The maze is filled with obstacles like trees, bushes, rocks, and water. You should navigate through to reach the end. 

5 - At the end of the maze, you will encounter a special character and receive a unique reward. 

The May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fun and simple way for you to interact with the game and earn special items. If you are still interested in, keep reading to find out how to solve the May Day Maze and what are the rewards you are expected to recive from the event.

ACNH May Day Maze 2023 Guide

The maze is designed to challenge players with various obstacles, puzzles, and tasks that they must complete to progress through the maze. Players will encounter unique characters and obstacles, such as special tools, hidden paths, and more. Once the player reaches the end of the maze, they will be rewarded with a special prize that is usually themed around the event. 

The May Day Maze will be different every year, so before this year's May Day Maze is updated in the game, we can't fully copy the clearance steps of the previous Maze. But before we do, we can still give you some useful tips that can be used every year to help you:

How to solve the labyrinth and reach Jerome

Below we will guide you step by step through the maze, giving you a hand to reach Jerome and get all the rewards available!

Step 1: We enter the maze -  We take the shovel and remove the bush on the right to collect a fruit. We eat the fruit to gain an energy level and then remove the tree that obstructs the passage with the shovel.

Step 2: We collect the first materials - We collect the units of normal woodnormal wood that we find on the ground and remove with the shovel the bush on the left. We skip the water hole and collect the units of soft woodsoft wood and the DIY scheme for the ladder ladder (if we had already learned how to make it there will be no need!).

Step 3: We break the boulder - Let's head to the right, jump the water hole and collect the fruit. By eating one we will raise the level of energy, necessary to break the boulder with the shovel.

Step 4: We remove other obstacles - We go back to the left, eat another fruit and then break the boulder that obstructs the path with the shovel. We skip the water hole and collect other units of Soft woodsoft wood. We eat the last unit of fruit left to remove with the shovel the tree that blocks the passage. We skip the water hole to then collect two units of fruit.

Step 5: Remove the tree - Returning to the right area, we eat another fruit to raise the energy level and use the shovel to remove the tree. We collect hardwood units.

Step 6: Collect more fruit - We jump the water hole and eat another fruit to remove the second tree that obstructs the passage by holding the shovel. We collect fruit and the two units of Normal woodnormal wood and soft woodsoft wood.

Step 7: We break another rock - We now return to the left area and eat the fruit harvested earlier to increase our energy level again. We hold the shovel and break the boulder that stands in the way. We collect hardwood.

ACNH May Day Maze 2023 Prizes (Rewards)

Let's make sure to talk to GirolamoGirolamo to get the reward of the event: only in this way can we conclude the hard work and receive one of the rewards provided, everything is based on the number of our participations in the event being this the second edition.

In case we had not already participated last year in the May Day event, the reward will be the precious Suitcase of Girolamovaligia di Girolamo. Otherwise, we will get Photos of Jerome.