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Freely Open Crates Win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates and Items!


Free Rocket League Keys/Crates Giveaway on Goldkk.Com stopped here, it would restart at some future date, stay tuned!

You can still feel free to play crate simulator here, thanks for all your supports!

  • Accelerator Crate

    Accelerator Crate

  • Champion Crate 1

    Champion Crate 1

  • Champion Crate 2

    Champion Crate 2

  • Champion Crate 3

    Champion Crate 3

  • Champion Crate 4

    Champion Crate 4

  • Elevation Crate

    Elevation Crate

  • Ferocity Crate

    Ferocity Crate

  • Golden Gift

    Golden Gift

  • Golden Pumpkin

    Golden Pumpkin

  • Haunted Hallows Crate

    Haunted Hallows Crate

  • Impact Crate

    Impact Crate

  • Nitro Crate

    Nitro Crate

  • Overdrive Crate

    Overdrive Crate

  • Player's Choice Crate

    Player's Choice Crate

  • RL Beach Blast Crate

    RL Beach Blast Crate

  • Secret Santa Crate

    Secret Santa Crate

  • Spring Fever Crate

    Spring Fever Crate

  • Triumph Crate

    Triumph Crate

  • Turbo Crate

    Turbo Crate

  • Velocity Crate

    Velocity Crate

  • Victory Crate

    Victory Crate

  • Zephyr Crate

    Zephyr Crate

  • Rocket Pass 3

    Rocket Pass 3

  • Golden Egg 2019

    Golden Egg 2019

  • Totally Awesome Crate

    Totally Awesome Crate

  • Vindicator Crate

    Vindicator Crate

The Items You Get Total :