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rocket league crates are special item drops that contain exclusive bodies, decals, goal explosions, rocket boosts, trails, wheels and other rocket league items. you can play online matches or trade with other players to get crates. a random exclusive item can be gotten by unlocking a crate with a rocket league key or special decryptor or also acquire certified or painted variant of the item. each rocket league crate has a unique series of items, these crate items are classified as rare, very rare, import, exotic, and black market. so the content and rarity of the items in each crate decide the value of the crate in rocket league market.

here we make this category lists all the available crates on rocket league and presents a complete price list of rocket league crates with an estimated value of 1 key or above, including the rocket league crates prices for all platforms (all the prices are displayed in rocket league keys). keep in mind our rocket league crates prices list are also updated daily according to the trades happened in the market every day. so welcome to check back every day for the instant prices.