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rocket league import cars are the most sought-after rocket league bodies in the game. unlike other bodies, the import bodies are only introduced in crates but can be traded in the rocket league items trading market. also painted common bodies are listed as import cars such as painted breakout and merc, which could be obtained via the trade in system. some import bodies may actually be based on the pre-existing common battle-cars such as the octane zsr and x-devil mk2, so have the same hit-boxes, physics, and turning radii as their original counterparts.

in rocket league, every battle-car has its own statistics (hitboxes, turning radius, physical appearance), so if you are wondering what is the best rocket league car in the game, there is not a confirmed answer. but expect the free common cars, we can say import bodies is the first choice for most of regular rocket league gamers! so these battle cars always are traded most in the market, their prices in keys are very favorable on pc and ps4, and the value of rocket league import cars on xbox one and switch are higher. 

in this separated prices guide, we are presenting a complete list for rocket league import cars, including the prices for all the platforms (ps4, xbox one, steam pc, switch) and for all painted colors. the rocket league import cars prices for ps4, steam pc, switch are displayed in rocket league keys, and for xbox one in rocket league crates (cc1). with our rocket league price index, you can not only view the price for every rocket league import body but also can the prices trend for the import car over the last 15 days!


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