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5% Off Coupon And Free Crates! - Fast To Get Cheap Rocket League Keys And Rocket Pass 2 Premium Items

12/7/2018 3:31:16 PM

rocket league rocket pass 2 is going to start on next monday, december 10, lots of new premium items will be available in rocket pass 2, but the items from tier 1 - tier 70 are untradeable, do you want to fast to get more rocket pass 2 premium items and get higher tier than other gamers? now, goldkk.com is doing a promotion with giving out 5% off discount and many kinds of crates for free, buy rocket league items here, to help you enjoy the game better!


what's the coupon code for rocket league items?

use the coupon code "key", you can enjoy a 5% discount to buy various rocket league items on goldkk.com, including the rocket pass 2 premium items from tier 1 to tier 70.


how to buy rocket league keys or other items with coupon code?

1. enter the rocket league items trading site on goldkk.com:
https://www.goldkk.com/rocket-league-items, choose your platform.
2. select rl items and quantities you want to buy, click add cart and check out.
3. input the coupon code "key" within the coupon frame, click check, then you can see the discount price, as the following image shows:



how to get rocket league free crates?

buy tradable rocket league keys 100 or 50 on goldkk.com, except for the 5% discount with coupon code, you can also get free optional crates, after you clicked add cart, you can select different kinds of crates with different quantities, the list of free crates:

accelerator crate   
champion crate 1   
champion crate 2   
champion crate 3   
champion crate 4    
elevation crate      
golden pumpkin      
haunted hallows crate 
impact crate         
nitro crate           
overdrive crate       
player's choice crate   
rl beach blast crate   
secret santa crate      
spring fever crate      
triumph crate          
turbo crate            
velocity crate          
victory crate           
zephyr crate



the premium rocket pass 2 need 10 keys to buy and the tier 1 to tier 70 premium items are untradeable, fast to get cheap rocket league keys to buy premium rocket pass 2 and premium rewards, level up and enjoy more fun in game!


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