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How To Not Get Scammed In Rocket League - The Best Ways To Avoid Rocket League Trading Scams

12/7/2018 5:14:31 PM

in rocket league game, in order to pursue a better in-game experience, many people will buy or trade rl items or keys/crates to get a better car design. they can trade with rocket league can be very exciting for some finding those sweet deals and completing their dream car is just as fulfilling as scoring a goal or winning a game, but unfortunately there's also people out there that want to take advantage of rocket league traders. today we goldkk.com will detail you how to avoid rocket league trading scams.

how to not get scammed in rocket league

here are some common deceptions during trading rocket league items.

pretend to be friends with you

basically, the scammer will dedicate all of his time on you, he will be as nice and friendly and help you as possible to try his best and become your friend. as the friendship goes on it will then lead to borrowing each other items, everything will be fine for your first week of lending each other items, but for the next week the scammer will ask whether he can try on your item. from all the trust you have put into him you will gladly let them "try it on" without no hesitation, and then you have just been scammed. now he will block you on everything so you have to work your hardest to try get them back.

then how to avoid being scammed?

when the scammer want to get close to you, you need to remain vigilant, do not trust him easily. when he asked your rl items, you can first ask for videotape with him, if he refuses, then you can just refuse him too. 

rlcs decal scam

the rlcs decals do not show which car body they belong to when more than 8 items are in the trade window. if you wanted a white rlcs decal for the octane as that is the most expensive. the scammer comes along to trade with you and they are feeling generous today. relevant anime gif for you weeaboos. because the scammer is such a nice person, they are willing to throw in a few rl crates just for you and even can buy rocket league items for you. they offer exactly 8 crates which are put in the trade window first. the 9th?item is the decal. you can see where this is going. the item is definitely white not grey and you have checked yourself using point number 3. you press accept and once again you done messed up because you now have a white rlcs decal for the breakout type s, not even the regular breakout but the type s version.

how to avoid being scammed?

if someone is willing to add rocket league crates or other rl items, tell them to first grade the decal only for your end of the decal, then give you the crates/items in a second trade for free. if he refuses your request, you just leave and ignore him.

paypal invoice

the scammer will ask to trade with you and offer paypal. they even want to go first and offer to send the paypal in good faith. what they actually do is send you a paypal invoice and once you see the money and official email from paypal, you’ll give the scammer your items.

how avoid being scammed?

learn the difference between an invoice and an actual payment. your balance goes up after a payment not down. the money should be in your paypal account without you having to do anything.

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