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Rocket League Settings Guide - Pro Tips For Rocket League Camera Settings To Help You Improve Easily

12/19/2018 12:16:16 PM

in this rocket league guide, goldkk.com will bring rocket league pro tips for camera settings on your dualshock 4, ps4 and xbox one controller, with the best option for each setting and explanation, hope to help you improve easily and effectively. in addition, the rocket league frosty fest 2018 arrived, new rocket league items and cheap golden gift on hot sale now!


rocket league settings guide - rocket league camera setting tips

firstly, open up the options menu on your controller, you can see seven tabs to our disposal, the camera setting is what we'll talk about today. next, we'll recommend the settings pro players used and why to do this.



camera shake: on/off  suggested choice: off

camera shake is when you touch the ball or jump, you can see that there's a bit of a vibration on the screen which causes a bit of a lack of focus in the gameplay, most pro players have already turned this off as they know it does not help the gameplay at all.

field of view: 60-110  suggested choice: 110

the default setting of field of view in rocket league camera setting is 90, most pro players or competitive players set it at 105 to 110, the difference is awareness is obvious, just look how much the ball grows as you approach 90 degrees and the ball will cover the whole net, you have very little room to see around the field, you can't see your opponents, where they're defending, you don't know where your teammates are or who's coming around the corners of the field, you can see as you drive around and try to move maneuver the ball, if you set 110 degrees, much more space you can look around so 110 was better.
distance: 100-400  suggested choice: 300

distance is all about the horizontal distance of the camera from the car, need to combine with stiffness, set the distance of 300, but with a distance 300 and stiffness of 0.3, you can speed up and move further away from the camera, it not a good distance if you set 0.3 stiffness.


height: 40-200  suggested choice: middle

similar to the distance, height is the vertical distance from the camera to the car, you can choose between 40 and 200, if you set height as 200, it starts to become very difficult to understand where you are underneath the ball because you don't have that visibility so you can't get the proper touches and you'll lose control more easily but 200 does have a very good advantage for 1v1 situations, if you set 40 degrees, you are nice and positioned below the ball with the camera but  it's very difficult to understand exactly where you're positioned for your flicks, so we know that the proper answer is somewhere in the middle, 130 is a good choice.


angle: -15-0  suggested choice: -6 ~ -3

angle is sort of affects the distance, height and stiffness all together even the field-of-view a bit. when you set 0 degree, centered the camera with the grid and this flattens the camera and you lose verticality a little bit, when you set -15 degree, it gives you vertical motion but star to lose information of the front of the car, so  anywhere between negative 3 and negative 6 is probably a good number to use, the more you change the angle this way the more vertical information you lose on the top of the screen rather than the bottom screen.


stiffness: 0.00-1.00  suggested choice: 1.00

stiffness, which is arguably the most important setting in the entire game, let's put it down to zero points, stiffness actually has four different effects. the most noticeable is when you drive forward, the car starts to move further and further away from your screen until you go supersonic and then you're at a constant distance and then when you start to slow down, you start to come back into the position that you're set at through camera settings. the second is turning and drifting, when you drift, start to move off the center of the camera and takes a while at 0.00 to lock yourself back into the center of the screen, the third is flipping and dodging, when you flip to the side, the camera takes a while to follow you around and you start to lose control, the last is jumping and climbing wall, when you going up and down the walls, the car moves away from the center of the screen, your car's positioning depending on what view you're using. player cam was used for both cameras, but 1.00 stiffness allowed the camera to reposition faster and stabilize.


swivel speed: 1.00-10.00  suggested choice: 3.60

it just basically how fast you move your analog stick and it moves on the screen that number is really up to you it doesn't really matter.


transition speed: 1.00-2.00  suggested choice: 1.00

transition speed basically controls how fast you transition between the two different cameras, if you use two it switches immediately which can be good but you start to lose information on the transition of the field, so just keep it to one.


invert swivel: on/off  suggested choice: on


overall, we went through all camera settings now, the rocket league best settings for camera are as follows for your rocket league gameplay:



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