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Cheap Rocket League Hot Wheels - Best Flash Painted Gripstride Hx Inverted Wheels Showcase & Price

12/21/2018 4:50:25 PM

wheels are one of the most important items of the rocket league cars and various painted and flash wheels make the car beautiful and unique. do you want to have the coolest wheels to install on your car? goldkk.com will introduce the new cheap painted rocket league hot wheels and the price for you, hope it helps.

rocket league new items - best flash & painted gripstride hx inverted wheels

the new rocket league items gripstride hx inverted wheels are available now with 13 different good-looking colors, which one do you like best? here is the list of all color gripstride hx inverted wheels combined with the car showcase.

black wheels



burnt sienna wheels

cobalt wheels

crimson wheels

forest green wheels

grey wheels

lime wheels

orange wheels

pink wheels

purple wheels

saffron wheels

sky blue wheels

titanium white wheels

rocket league items price - price index for gripstride hx inverted wheels

how much are these unique gripstride hx inverted wheels? different color gripstride hx: inverted has different price, generally, the most expensive wheel is the titanium white one, the cheapest one is pink, this is a price index for you to know about all price of rocket league gripstride hx inverted wheels, you can also search any other rocket league car designs crates, boosts, decals and more items on ps4, xbox one, switch and pc from here: https://www.goldkk.com/rocket-league-prices


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