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Path Of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Item Crafting & Implicit Mods Guide - How To Get A Guaranteed Specific Mod?

3/13/2019 3:19:31 PM

how to almost get a guaranteed specific synthesis implicit mod in path of exile 3.6? many poe players are trying to figure out an effective way to target the implicit that they want with greater reliability. so we summarize this path of exile 3.6 synthesis item crafting guide for implicit modifiers to help players some.

path of exile 3.6 implicit mods guide

path of exile 3.6 synthesis implicit modifiers

first, let’s get know some definition for the path of exile modifiers:

poe implicit mods properties are those that an item has because of its base, regardless of rarity. for example, a gold ring will always have an implicit extra % rarity of items found modifier.

the explicit mods are the rest, being those that spawn on magic, rare, and unique items, besides the implicit property. prefixes and affixes are just different explicit modifiers, and each item has a limit to the amount of each that the item can spawn, depending on its rarity.

in the path of exile 3.6 synthesis league memory nexus, a powerful device that lets you destroy fractured items to create base types with custom implicit mods. these implicit mods are somewhat controllable by careful choice of input items to consume.

from what we can tell, the implicit seems to randomly grab one of the mods from the rare item and base the new implicit off of that - sometimes it does it off of the fractured mod, sometimes not. there are some cases where it's really obvious (stun chance, increased damage) and a few where it's a bit harder, but overall that seems to be the trend as far as we can tell.

so if you're target-farming a specific implicit, would aim to 1, get path of exile items with fractured mods the same as/similar to that implicit, 2, scour them, 3, regal, then synthesize and hope for the best.

although, with this in mind, crafting mods might actually make a reasonable difference - it might be worth regaling, then throwing on a cheap crafting mod just to increase your chances of something good. there might be an exception preventing them from effecting anything. it's possible that the more interesting mods require more effort than that. use our path of exile crafting simulator to craft the items you want. 

path of exile 3.6 synthesis mechanics - item modifiers

path of exile 3.6 synthesis mechanics - item modifiers 1

path of exile 3.6 synthesis mechanics - item modifiers 2

path of exile 3.6 synthesis mechanics - item modifiers 3

path of exile 3.6 synthesis mechanics - item modifiers 4

this is the picture is posted by u/pdonz on reddit, as he said this is just an overview with junk items. the real secret here is to limit your mod pool so that you can target the implicit that you want with greater reliability. you can also craft on mods, or use essences, etc. those will all be translated to an implicit (depending on the item class).

for example you could use one of the new unique herald rings, and toss in two fractured rings with explicit life on them in order to increase your odds of the unique ring coming out with % increased life modifier.

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how to get guaranteed specific synthesis implicit mod in path of exile?

here's a effective way from player beastwrathof posted on reddit you can take a try, which almost guarantee a specific synthesis mod in the new poe league, follow below steps and tips:

1. search in the left two columns for the implicit and item class you want go on https://poedb.tw/us/itemsynthesismods. in the third column, you'll find the affix you need to target. for example, if you want +minimum frenzy charges, you need to look for "#% increased attribute requirements" on shields.

2. look for all other rows which have that mod requirement on the desired item class. such as the only other row is "+10-12 attributes", which also uses "#% increased attribute requirements" on shields. these numbers are the thresholds you have to exceed to reach the next tier. for exapmle example, "+10-12 attributes" has -85 next to it. this means you need a total of more than -85% attributes on the three items you synthesize in order to get past this implicit tier. since this mod only comes in -32 and -18, you need all three of the shields to be -32. the +minimum frenzy implicit column has -100, which you can never reach, so you will get this implicit if you get past -85.

3. get three items all with one fractured mod of the type you desire, so that the sum of the numbers exceeds the needed threshold. scour, regal, and annul all the items, so they are rares with only that fractured mod. it is important that this is the only mod, because the synthesizer chooses a mod from all three of the items, including non-fractured mods. put the items in the synthesizer and you are done.

note: most of the good implicits are grouped with other implicits; for example, the +min frenzy charge is in a group with the power and endurance charge versions. you are guaranteed to get one of these, but which one will be random. this is important for things like the onslaught implicit on boots, which is paired with (7-8)% movement speed. using this method, half the time you will get movement speed, half the time onslaught (assuming no weighting).

what this means for fractured items: keep items with a single t1 fractured mod or high t2. the onslaught on boots requires more than 95 movement speed on boots, so you'll need two boots with fractured 35% movement speed (or one if you only need to meet 95, this needs more testing and i am out of money). also, high ilevel is more valuable because the ilevel of the output is equal to the highest of the three.

more tips for path of exile synthesis item crafting

here are a video for path of exile synthesis item crafting guide from famous poe youtuber - ziggyd gaming! in this introductory guide to item synthesizing, you can get know more tips on how to turn poe fractured items into synthesized items with good implicit hopefully!

hope this guide can help you strength your character in poe, if you are have trouble in build up your character, check out our poe 3.6 best starter builds. also you can read more game knowledge on our poe database. 

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