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Best Path Of Exile 3.6 Starter Builds - 5 Starter Builds For POE Synthesis League

3/13/2019 4:49:15 PM

Path of Exile 3.6 expansion has launched in March, this March expansion contains the Synthesis challenge league, new POE items, new POE gems, a complete rebalance of spells throughout Path of Exile, an integrated version of the Betrayal league and more. Today we’re going to start with the POE 3.6 Synthesis League. Here Goldkk.com will present you 5 Synthesis League stater builds for Path of Exile Synthesis League. 

Best Path Of Exile 3.6 Starter Builds

Path Of Exile Starter Builds - POE 3.6 Synthesis League Builds

In Path of Exile: Synthesis, you will encounter Cavas, recover his lost memories and chain them together to reach valuable rewards, new boss fights and crafting opportunities.

Incinerate Elementalist By Torsteinthefallen

Incinerate is a channeling skill that goes through eight stages, longer you channel it the bigger it grows. When you stop channeling, you release a wave of fire in a destructive girthy area, igniting everything in its path and dealing up to 500% more damage, this belt is played as the elementalist ascendancy. This will help you build your direct damage, increase your area of effect and provide additional Herald utility in synthesis, incinerate received a buff and like many other smells. It is now cheaper to sustain, but it's area-of-effect and high-level damage, also received a notable buff, so our science belt can do any constant in the game.

Herald Of Agony Gladiator By Tahreyn 

The main damage source from this belt comes from the agony crawler minion which is summit via the herald of agony skill. This nasty little fellow has three different ways of attacking. The first is a mainly a tank that it rarely uses. The second is a multiple projects on a tank. And the third is an explosive barrage of projectiles and it can deliver tons of damage terrain, best describes the agony crawler as his personal artillery, cannon the beauty of the agony crawler is that just by its own without any real scaling it deals a ton of damage. This means that terrain setup gets a lot of freedom to invest those points, that you ordinarily would have had to invest into damage notes, and it isn't due part to that which allows him to scale his block chain. So effectively this is of course only emphasized by his pick of the gladiator ascendancy which further helps to provide amazing block scaling and utility and it's worth in knowing. However that the hell of agony leveling can be a bit slow. As you progress the skill, it scales very efficiently into late game.

Tri-Ele Trapper Elementalist By Mrmoho

Due to some powerful buffs to shock Nova and ice trap, I thought it was worth a revisit, this set up cycles primarily through three different trap skills namely fire trap, ice trap and Chuck Noblet ramp by Traveller's rep skills. In order to use shock Nova as a trapped skill, it needs to be linked with the Tramp support gym, this now allows you to cast it as a trap and just as importantly to scale it near trap modifiers to fight. Trap is used as your main single target damage dealing source. Ice type is used for paint clearing, and shutting over trap is used for pretty much anything as it serves two goals dealing damage. Of course but also shocking enemies making them take further damage from all the damage sources - like it - other trap skills for instance as December - are ascendency you unlock powerful damage bonuses to your tramps, but also amazing defensive utilities such as being able to bind nearby enemies and having high amounts of life regeneration etc. The spell does not fully lace a type of player though it requires you to shovel through various skills to make the best of it, but if you do you also end up with a pretty solid and interesting built.

Storm Brand Inquuisitor By Thian 

Storm brained wasn't that just nerfed and it was 10 points to Gryffindor, but it's important to remember that nerfing something does not necessarily make it useless. Stomp ranked damage was nerfed roughly by 25% overall, but to prove it still solid thean took out his hyperthermia support gem on his 3.5 character which according to him for his setup amounts to around 40% something more damage. He then proceeded to kill uber Elda on his v link and did it rather convincingly. So to reiterate for the Hufflepuff sent their stomp bryant is still perfectly viable and a solid skill for a late starter teens belt is plain SD Inquisitor, this allows him to effectively scale critical strike chains and critical damage, while also receiving generous buff's to both a check-in can speed, but most importantly the inquisitors inevitable judgment allows critical strikes to ignore enemy elements for resistances and dust yield the intended full amount of damage. This is especially powerful against bosses who typically have high inherent resistances as long as the critical strike chance is high enough to reliably deliver crits. This is a very powerful ascendancy and probably utilized.

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Storm Brand Inquisitor By Thian

Revisiting spark is a lightning projectile spell, when you cast a spell you spawn unpredictable sparks to move around in the near area until they expire with enough speed, you can efficiently cover a massive area with tons of small spark projectiles moving around providing excellent clear potential if hitting environment or terrain the spark. Reject cells will bounce off and move in another direction. Normally, a spark project I look at consumed or expire once it hits an enemy. However if you add a way of piercing with the project's house, these are after a short duration able to hit the same target again potentially giving a far higher amount of damage per cast than regularly. Before 3.6 a spark projectile cast could hit the same enemy again, one second after the initial hit this has been reduced to 0.62 six seconds. Now meaning the projectile can hit the same target more frequently. Besides this spark also received a notable damage buff at high levels based on spelt like Dean's is played as the Inquisitor for pretty much the same reasons - like ignoring enemy elemental resistances and can speed entire critical strike chains in damage. Of course while bash starts belt has several expensive POE items showcased these are merely suggestions for late game rather than requirements. As you play the belt you will generate Path of Exile currency. 

Hope you enjoy this POE Synthesis League starter builds tutorial! More details please go ahead to Path of Exile Wiki & Database.

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