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Path Of Exile 3.6 Reset Skill Tree (2019) - Best Ways To Refund Skill & Fully Reset Passive Skill Tree

3/19/2019 7:08:17 PM

especially new players are wondering how this works with the path of exile reset skill tree. since there are several ways to reset poe skills, the answers in the in-game chat are different. some players strongly claim that it is easier to create a new character, others say the opposite. but what is right? depending on the situation, one or the other answer is correct. in this path of exile 3.6 synthesis reset skill tree guide, you will find the answer you want.

patch of exile 3.6 synthesis reset skill tree guide

path of exile skill points

before we go into the path of exile reset skill tree, we explain what you want to reset at all.

in path of exile, at level 100, we have a total of about 120 poe skill points to distribute. we receive 99 of them through the individual level ascents, all others as a reward from side quests. it is definitely worth doing the side quests in any case. all skill points can be reset individually. there is also a tip: how many path of exile skill points we have already received, we see through the chat command / passive.

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how to reset passive skill tree in path of exile?

you receive 24 single respec points by doing the quest in all four difficulties. also regret orbs (or trade 2 scouring into a regret) are mostly affordable. this are meant to fix a build. if you want a different build, you need to reroll. poe is about multiple characters, especially with the challenge leagues every 3-4 months.

1. use respec points to refund skill points

while we fight each other through the quests, we get two passive respect points per act, which makes 20 respec points in 10 acts. these can be seen in the talent tree (short-key p).

below is a list of quests where we get items that grant two passive respec points each:

act 1: a dirty job (book of regrets)

act 2: through sacred ground (book of regrets)

act 3: victario's secrets (book of skill)

act 4: an indomitable spirit (book of skill)

act 5: kitava's torments (book of skill)

act 6: fallen from grace (book of regrets)

act 7: kishara's star (book of skill)

act 8: love is dead (book of skill)

act 9: fastis fortuna (book of regrets)

act 10: no love for old ghosts (book of regrets)

2. use poe currency - orb of regret to refund skill points

when we have no passive respect points left, we get new ones buy use the poe currency - orb of regret. each orb of regret allows you to refund one skill point; there's no limit to the number of those you can use. we get orb of regret as random rare loot. we also get an orb of regret in the second act at yeena for exchange. it requires two orb of scouring for this. if we do not have either currency, we still have the opportunity to exchange currencies with other players. a orb of regret is worth a chaos orb. you can check path of exile currency exchange rates here.


3. free fully reset path of exile skill tree at big poe patches

if u want to refund some nodes (5-15 more or less) you can use orbs of regret and the passive respec points, but if you want to fully reset to skill tree. the easiest and best way to reset is with new poe patches such as new league or big event release. if so much of a patch changes in the talent tree that it affects our character, we can reset our character completely for free. we also lose no passive respec points. big patches appear about every three months.


create a new character or reset skills? which is the better way to do fully poe skill tree reset?

when is it worth re-creating a character and when is reset skill better? everyone has to answer the question themselves. anyone who has used up all the respec points on his level 20 character and still wants to downsize, should really create a new character, as it does not take long to reach level 20. with a level 90 character it looks different. if you want to play a completely new build, just be patient and wait for the next patch, hoping it will get a free skill reset in path of exile. but even the impatient are better off with the reset skill. with this level, we farm 120 chaos orbs much faster (farm guide follows or is already in our guide corner) as we bring a new character to level 90. if someone is unlucky and has totally scalded his character and also has no other character for currency farming, there is probably nothing left but to create a new character.

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