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Path Of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Atlas Strategy & Best Maps To Shape/Elder Tips

3/10/2019 3:24:06 AM

path of exile 3.6 synthesis league is live now! the chart of poe’s end-game maps - atlas of worlds has been updated, with new positions for existing maps, and many more secret player hideouts to discover attached to these maps. so we present some tips for path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas strategy, the mapping guide for new and updated atlas, also figure out which are the best atlas maps to shape in poe 3.6. 

path of exile 3.6 synthesis updated atlas maps

there are a total of 132 maps in war for the atlas. the full map pool is listed below, with tiers before the map name. lots of old map layouts have had their properties buffed, so be careful. please note that this list is based on loot filter info from ggg, so it may change in the future. here you can find the best poe 3.6 builds to start the new season. 

t1: cursed crypt, fungal hollow, iceberg, alleyways

t2: dungeon, excavation, haunted mansion, strand, peninsula, ramparts

t3: arid lake, leyline, barrows, channel, spider lair, jungle valley, atoll, ashen wood, desert, maze

t4: beach, port, arcade, mausoleum, flooded mine, city square, glacier, armoury, underground sea, lookout

t5: pen, ancient city, graveyard, marshes, thicket, courtyard, crater, cage, grotto, sulphur vents

t6: sepulchre, lair, vault, burial chamber, necropolis, overgrown shrine, primordial pool, pit, promenade, residence, geode

t7: fields, ghetto, bone crypt, mineral pools, mud guyser, bazaar, estuary, spider forest, academy, shore, pier

t8: dunes, lighthouse, orchard, conservatory, phantasmagoria, volcano, cemetery, lava chamber, waterways, toxic sewers

t9: underground river, laboratory, canyon, vaal pyramid, tropical island, coal ruins, museum, castle ruins, temple, villa

t10: overgrown ruin, plateau, moon temple, mesa, scriptorium, factory, relic chambers, arachnid nest, chateau, wharf

t11: desert spring, palace, wasteland, arsenal, coves, dig, arena, bog, basilica, infested valley

t12: crystal ore, malformation, reef, courthouse, terrace, acid caverns, sunken city, carcass, precinct

t13: gardens, siege, tower, colonnade, summit, crimson temple, park, colosseum, shipyard

t14: primordial blocks, racecourse, plaza, shrine, belfry, ivory temple, caldera

t15: defiled cathedral, lava lake, dark forest, core, waste pool


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path of exile 3.6 synthesis updated atlas maps

poe 3.6 synthesis atlas maps with tier & color

below is a chart for poe 3.6 synthesis atlas maps made by u/dmcdouga, mainly helps with showing how to unlock new poe 3.6 atlas maps by trading 3 of the same map with a vender. if the boxes are touching on this chart then those maps are connected on the atlas. just trade 3 of the same map to get a new map of the next tier -- if there are multiple possibilities and you don't get the map you want, try switching out one of the maps to get one of the other results. use the one of best path of exile 3.6 loot filter to loot the best items you want.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas maps with tiers and colours

path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas strategy

there are always two main ways that players typically choose to shape their atlas. one, complete everything;  two, shape atlas maps by only completing your loved maps.

complete everything:  this is fairly straightforward and will provide you access to the most content, perfect for the person who just wants to casually push and have fun or the person who wants to get to the guardian bosses at the end of the atlas. if you are new in the game, we do suggest you to choose this strategy, to see the most content and enjoy the game better. this strategy is very simple to carry out. you just need to run maps as you get them and progress through your atlas, then buy maps and complete. you will get more maps since you can collect more bonus for completing every map. but for this, you have to run through the maps you don’t like. 

shaped maps strategy: this will be optimal for experience, but limit you to only running a few maps. maps with linear layouts, good clear speed or high mob density have been marked. players should bear these map types in mind when choosing which maps to shape with shaper’s orbs. remember that these orbs turn a map that it’s applied to into a shaped version that is five tiers higher than the previous version. for any map shaping strategy of a tier x, you want to uncomplete every other map of tier x and every map of tier x+1. that way if a tier x+1 map would have dropped, it has none to choose from, and defaults back to tier x. since you only have one completed (the one you're running the shaping strategy for), it defaults to dropping this one.

in your case, elder ugs would be a t16, so you only need to uncomplete guardians since they are no t17 maps (t17 is shaper's realm). everytime you would have gotten a guardian map, it'll drop an elder ugs instead.

here is the poe atlas strategy for 3.6 synthesis league from thi3n:

this video talked about two very very different strategies. first it is covering elder orb farm strategies. the purpose of elder orb is to make any map a tier 16 (shaper guardian level). so you can take a very populated map like underground sea very experiences rich and easily white sextants.

t2 haunted mansion with meh sextants

t4 ugs with good sextants

t4 city square with good sextants

t5 grotto with meh sextants

t5 pen with decent sextants

t6 burials with bad sextants and bad elder blob

t7 spider forest with meh sextants

t7 estuary with decent sextants

t8 toxic sewers with bad sextants and bad elder blob

t9 museum with meh sextants

t10 scriptorium with meh sextants

t13 tower with decent sextants

the other strategy talked about here only requires you follow zana quest up to the tier you want to run +6. its singling out a map so that the only maps (or very close to the only maps) that spawn in that map are that map you are running. iirc any given map you run can only drop maps with atlas completion bonus of lower tier, of the same tier, or of tier one higher (plus any connected by paths). so for instance, haunted mansion is tier 2, so you would complete zana quest up to tier 8 for the tier 3 shaper orb. then shape desert map (because it is connected to hm and now since it is tier 8 it wont drop in hm) and uncomplete all other tier 2/3 maps. now when you run hm and the only maps that drop are haunted mansion and tier 1 maps (but if you maintain map completion bonus of >100 they will all convert to hm), so can just continually run hm (at tier 2) and topping up sextants. this is why its called low tier alch and go farm, you dont think about maps/sustain you just think about mods and sextants and it will auto-sustain.

alch and go sustain is actually quite difficult once you reach red tier maps. while t13 is easier to sustain compared to t16, you'll still need to invest and you might as well (imo) do tower as a t16 if you're going that route. it's all red sextants either way and if you're targeting div cards in general you're juicing up maps for div card drops and it will similarly juice up your maps for map sustain. it's also worth noting that the pantheon power upgrades are absent from t15/16 and all over t11-13 so keep that in mind before uncompleting maps.

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path of exile 3.6 synthesis best maps to shape

with the living of path of exile 3.6 synthesis league, the atlas has been reworked and many of the map locations have changed from what returning players may be used to.  which is the best map to shape, where you can farm divination cards, poe currency? here’s the poe shaping lists we recommend to give you a guideline:

strategy 1

tier 1 - iceberg

tier 2 - haunted mansion

tier 3 - channel

tier 4 - city square, ugs, beach

tier 5 - thicket

tier 6 - burial, lair

tier 7 - estuary, bone crypt

tier 8 - volcano, toxic sewer

tier 9 - canyon

tier 10 - moon temple

tier 11-15 - none

strategy 2

tier 1 - alleyways

tier 2 - haunted mansion

tier 3 - leyline

tier 4 - underground sea

tier 5 - marshes

tier 6 - lair

tier 7 - bazaar

tier 8 - toxic sewer, volcano

tier 9 - underground river, vaal pyramid, castle ruins

tier 10 - moon temple, scriptorium, plateau

find more tips and guides of path of ecxile on our news page, also you can get professional poe wiki here. 

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