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Path Of Exile 3.6 Best Duelist Builds - Meele Cyclone Slayer Build Guide

3/22/2019 4:25:47 PM

this class build guide is for the new path of exile 3.6 synthesis league, covering the cyclone slayer build for the duelist. this popular poe bd is one of the best meele build that swirls through enemies. the build is crated on the crimson cyclone and is additionally modified. compared to the arc build in path of exile, the duelist cyclone slayer build is a bit more expensive, especially because of atziris' disfavour. now follow us to take a look at the popular cyclone build for the duelist in path of exile, covering the passive skill, gems, items and more!


path of exile - cyclone slayer build (duelist)

skill & talents for the cyclone build

we use the following skills for our passive skill points:

path of exile 3.6 best duelist builds - slayer cyclone meele build - skills

as soon as we reach the level range of 50+, we dare to activate the labyrinth to unlock our ascendant. once we have the first test, we become the slayer and then choose the following notable passive skills:

- two-handed damage, loss of life> endless hunger

- two-handed damage, leach > brutal fervour

- two-handed damage, attack speed > executioner

- two-handed damage, attack speed > bane of legends

for our pantheon (pantheon guide) we choose the soul of arakaali and the soul of gruthkul.

for the extra skill points we kill all bandits.


the bis list for the cyclone build (sockets, skill gems, items)

in the table below, we have listed for you the most important path of exile items with the required sockets & gems. in addition, there is a value distribution and search terms for all items.

gems: all gems used have the maximum level. the weak point here is weaknesses (enfeeble) and the required int value. not all gems are directly available, so we use it to level: molten strike + added fire damage support + ruthless support. of course, we can also use other gems for the first few levels at the beginning, but exchange them as soon as our "main gems" are available. check out more best path of exile 3.6 stater builds here.

path of exile duelist cyclone build details:

please note the following information:

- to use the enfeeble, we need a daressos salute +1 curse (very expensive!)

- for the transition to a 6-link atziris disfavour & kaoms heart, we use a 6-link breastplate and an unlabelled atziris disfavour (very cheap)

- as enchantment we take for the head: 15% increased attack speed (starkonja's head)

sockets &   links


value distribution


6l (r-r-r-r-r-g)

melee physical damage   support

brutality support

damage on full life   support


maim support

chance to bleed   support

atziris disfavour


4l (r-r-r-b)

blasphemy support



blood rage

devotos devotion


for the   transition

starkonjas head


has no   pedestals!

kaoms heart



as a transition   to the kaoms heart


5l (even   cheaper)

for the start


4l (g-r-r-b)

blood magic support

fortify support

leap slam

faster attacks support

+ 15-30%   movement speed

+ 80 max. life

+ resistances



faster attacks support

ancestral warchief

ruthless support

melee physical damage   support

+ attack speed

+ 80 max. life

+ resistances


the retch


daressos salute

1. ring

+ 60 max. life

+ resistances

+ 50 int

2. ring

+ 60 max. life

+ resistances

+50 int

bis = best in slot or best in socket

6l / 4l = stands for the number of sockets / links

r-b-g = socket colors (red, blue, green)

ias = increased attack speed

path of exile 3.6 best duelist builds - slayer cyclone meele build

you can use our path of exile crafting simulator to find out what can roll and the best possible rolls before crating your items, help you save a lots of poe currency.

flasks setup for poe cyclone build

in path of exile, flasks play a very important role and we need the following for our skill:

sanctified life flask: regenerates life, removes curses

lions roar: + 35% increased damage

quicksilver flask: more movement speed

silver flask: onslaught, more armor

sulphur flask: + 40% increased damage, removes freezing


jewels setup for poe cyclone build

we further enhance our skills with the help of the right jewels.

- maximum life

- + meele dps

- + attack speed

poe cyclone build look

path of exile 3.6 best duelist builds - slayer cyclone

want to make unbeatable and best poe 3.6 builds for your character in the game, learn how to target the implicit mods on our  path of exile 3.6 synthesis item crafting & implicit mods guide.

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