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Path Of Exile 3.6 Classes Guide For Ps4 Beginners - Best Poe Class & Builds For Starting On Ps4

4/2/2019 6:10:57 PM

if you’re new to the game, you should take some time to get a grip on how classes work, as it will limit what you can do easily though do not effect what you can do in path of exile. so the choice you make can help you cut through poe's overwhelming complexity. in this path of exile 3.6 starter classes guide, we will simply introduce all the poe character classes and help you figure out which is the best classes you should choose for starting path of exile on ps4, also cover the best builds for each class!

path of exile 3.6 classes guide for ps4 beginners


path of exile 3.6 classes

when choosing your path of exile class, you need to know that you will have access to the same passive and active skills as everyone else. each class is placed in a specific place in the talent tree, which will influence your ability or difficulty in choosing the skills you want and how you will build your character.

it is essential that you know what you are choosing to avoid losing hours of play with the wrong class. so, know all the available classes and their main characteristics.

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primary attribute - dexterity

main weapons to use - bows, claws, axes, wands, shields, and daggers

ascendancy classes - deadeye, raider, and pathfinder

the hunter has great agility in combat, using arcs and florets to attack quickly and accurately. as your skills are related to penetrating weapons, you should never choose for this class heavy weapons like maces, swords and sticks. his armor with dexterity gives him ease in evading the blows of his enemies.

the slayer enjoys a large number of skills linked to dexterity, which increases the speed of his own attack and moves. in addition, this class has great precision in the attacks, which means that its mana is not wasted.

on the other hand, the slayer is very fragile, as she does not have access to strong armor or passive skills that increase her life.


primary attribute - strength

main weapons to use - swords, maces, axes, and staves

ascendancy classes - juggernaut, berserker, and chieftain

this is a brute force class, which uses apples to inflict great physical damage and armor pieces with strength to reduce physical damage received. you can also choose axes and batons to fight with marauder, but all light weapons, such as bows or wands, are not appropriate for this class. besides being able to cause great physical damage, marauder also manages to withstand great amounts of damage due to his passive abilities that greatly increase his life.

in contrast, this class does not have enough agility to evade attacks, so it will take all the blows that are thrown at it. in addition, the marauder is slow and can not fight from a distance, which can be problematic if his enemies are fleeing.


primary attribute - intelligence

main weapons to use - wands, daggers, and staves

ascendancy classes - necromancer, elementalist, and occultist

the witch uses her intelligence to gain arcane powers and uses them in weapons like the wand or the scepter. in addition, she wears armor that increases her intelligence and grants her a shield of mystical energy, which protects her from harm.

with access to passive abilities that increase the distance, duration and damage of your spells, the witch can be lethal, however, it is very fragile and can be eliminated with little effort. the witch can also increase the size and durability of her zombie army by becoming a mistress of the undead.


main attributes - strength and dexterity

main weapons to use - swords, axes, maces, and bows

ascendancy classes - slayer, gladiator, and champion

being a hybrid class, the duelist has access to strength and dexterity skills, struggling with swords and axes. however, do not expect to get along with wands or rods. thus, this class uses speed and evasion along with the massive damage caused by their physical attacks.

the duelist takes advantage of everything the marauder and the huntress have of good, but it is terrible in everything that is related to intelligence and mana.


main attributes - strength and intelligence

main weapons to use - swords, axes, maces, staves

ascendancy classes - inquisitor, hierophant, and guardian

the templar uses its strength and intelligence together, fighting with sticks and scepters. this class is good at gathering the power of spells with strong physical attacks. as it is a class that does not enjoy any dexterity, it is not appropriate to use bows or daggers.

the templar is going to get everything marauder and the witch are good at, but his lack of dexterity makes him slow and imprecise.


main attributes - dexterity and intelligence

main weapons to use - claws, daggers

ascendancy classes - assassin, saboteur, and trickster

this class is proficient in dexterity and intelligence, being able to cause critical blows with weapons like daggers or with spells. in addition, shadow can also take advantage of its traps, poisons and mines to inflict damage or other nefarious effects on opponents. his strength is in burst damage in critical hits and damage over time with status ailments. 

although this class enjoys all that hunter and witch have of good, she is also very fragile. sometimes a blow is enough to eliminate it.


main attributes - strength, dexterity, and intelligence

main weapons to use - all poe weapons

ascendancy classes - ascendant

this is the most flexible class in the choice of skills as it starts at the center of the passive skills tree. with heiress, you can choose the skills you like and enjoy various combinations.

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path of exile 3.6 synthesis best starter classes and builds

if you are wondering which is the easiest path of exile class to play? we can say that there’s no easy class in the game.  in fact class doesn't really matter besides your location on the skill tree and minor stat gain differences there is no difference in the classes. you actually got to know what build you want to play and that’s what determines the best class for you. so here we want to share some best poe 3.6 starter builds for each class to help you start path of exile easily.

best poe 3.6 ranger starter builds

for the players who prefer finesse and elegance rather than brute force, the ranger is a good choice, as she has the astounding ability to avoid most of the damage coming to her.  the relatively smaller damage output she deals can be fixed by the movement and attack speed boosters available to her very early. there are some path of exile 3.6 ranger builds for ranged or melee combat, so that’s not something to consider.


best poe 3.6 marauder starter builds

for the players like straightforward and simple battles, the marauder is their best choice! marauders have a large life pool which enables them to receive the heaviest hits, deal devastating blows boosted by his high strength but mostly restricted to melee! he can be a good crowd controller by combing his mastery over all kinds of assault skills with the stun enemies and the duration they stay stunned. here are the best path of exile 3.6 marauder builds:


best poe 3.6 witch starter builds

as one of the pure classes, witch is most challenging and trickier class to play! compare to ranger, they are more fragile and vulnerable, but with the powerful minions and an energy shield they might not have to lift a finger to defeat all her enemies. pay more attention on observation of shield and life amounts when you are building your witch. there are some solid poe witch builds:


best poe 3.6 duelist starter builds           

for the players like physical damage to spells, duelist is a solid choice, as he is an excellent physical all-rounder with perfect balance between brute force and finesse, his natural agility and grace give him enough power and defense to kill monsters easily and fast. there are some solid path of exile duelist builds:


best poe 3.6 templar starter builds

for players who want more survivable magic, templar is the perfect class, as he is the tough and reliable all-rounder. he has the brute strength of the marauder as well as the magical aptitude of the witch, but covering the witch’s vice versa and weaknesses. the combination of stats also makes him the best at deftly dealing with swarms and hordes of enemies.


best poe 3.6 shadow starter builds

for the players who are good at hit-and-run tactics and have quite a bit of effective thought and strategy for building, templar is yours, otherwise it could be the hardest of all poe characters to play for you. shadow shares most of the witch’s and ranger’s strengths and weaknesses. follow us to check out the best path of exile 3.6 shadow starter builds.


best poe 3.6 scion builds

surely scion is not available for beginners, and you will encounter her in act 3. as she isn’t associated with any poe item equipment (armor and weapons) and can use them all, players has the choice of building her stats and equipment. and you need to invest poe orbs on something that can help your character get stronger to survive and clear maps faster.

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