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Path Of Exile Einhar's Menagerie Guide - Blood Altar, Capture Beasts, Menagerie Crafting, Aspect Skills

4/15/2019 5:17:20 PM

in this path of exile einhar’s menagerie guide, we cover the missions of einhar, how to capture beasts, how to use blood altar to craft items, aspect skills and more interesting information about menagerie.

introduced with the bestiary league, the menagerie brings together all the beasts you capture with einhar and allows you to obey poe items through the blood altar.


missions of path of exile beastmaster einhar - capture beasts

from act 2, you can cross the path of einhar, one of the five forsaken masters, in each area of the story. one in three areas on average is occupied by a master, and there can not be more than one master at a time in the zone.

einhar's missions are to hunt animals in the area: 1 red beast and other yellow beasts (the color of the icon and the difficulty of the beast). einhar will capture them once weakened and you can then sacrifice them to the menagerie blood altar to get some path of exile items.


path of exile beasts, bestiary and menagerie

animals that can be captured are identified with a yellow or red head icon during einhar's quests, just kill them for einhar to capture just before. be careful, the enemy will stay alive and active even with no life point remaining until einhar captures it.

the bestiary

a list of beasts that can be captured will be available in the challenge menu (h) and will indicate at any time the number and type of beast captured.

path of exile einhar’s menagerie bestiary reptiles

menagerie and sacrifice at the blood altar

each captured animal will be brought into your menagerie, a clean area where you will see your animals. there is also an altar of sacrifice in which you can make crafts on your items by sacrificing animals in exchange.

the crafting possibilities offered are quite different from monetary items and will be closer to essences and master crafts.

each craft will ask you to sacrifice a certain number of animals, but the sacrifice is made through a fight in an arena where you will have to kill these animals.

path of exile einhar’s menagerie and blood altar

beast orb

captured beasts can also be exchanged between players. for this, it is necessary to turn the beast into an item, which is done via the beast orb sold by einhar. it is a consumable, so only the most interesting animals have an interest in being transformed into an item.

to choose the beast to put in the orb, it is very easy to use the "beasts captured" section of the bestiary tab, and to use the orb directly in this screen.


legendary beasts & aspects skills

from maps 5, 7, 10 and 13 can appear (2% chance) legendary beasts. sacrificing them at the altar will open 6 portals to an area containing one of the four spiritual beasts that will give one of their 4 unique, specific, and captureable items. their crafts via the blood altar will allow to add a mod on an item giving an aspet associated with their type.

aspects are buffs that reserve 25% of your mana as heralds and give bonuses:

- cat aspect: gives 100% increase in critical chance, 50% reduction in aggro and 15% chance to avoid damage by being hit for 4 seconds, then 10% increase in speed. incantation and attack for 6 seconds, alternately.

- avian aspect: gives 10% movement speed to you and your creatures for 4 seconds, then 10% chance to double damage to you and your creatures for 4 seconds, alternately.

- spider aspect: apply spider webs to nearby enemies every second. the canvasses last 6 seconds, - hinder the enemies for 1 second, increases the damage suffered by the victim by 5%, cumulative 3 times.

- crab aspect: adds a crab barrier every second which gives you 2% reduction in physical damage to the barrier. maximum of 10 barriers and all barriers are lost when you take physical damage.

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