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Path of Exile Ruthless

Path of Exile Ruthless Mode: Release Date, Changes, Alpha Sign Up and More

If you want to play a more challenging version of Path of Exile, you’ll get your thoughts realized now. GGG announced a new Ruthless Mode that will launch with the 3.20 expansion. So let’s get into some details about the POE Ruthless Mode, highlighting the release date, changes, alpha sign-up, and m...

11/25/2022 4:09:02 PM

POE 3.19 Kalandra's Touch & Unique Items

How to Get Kalandra's Touch in POE 3.19 - Path of Exile 3.19 Kalandra League Unique Items

With the launch of the Path of Exile 3.19 patch and Lake of Kalandra expansion, there are lots of additions and changes to uniques in the game. Let’s take a look at the new POE 3.19 unique items and how to get Kalandra's Touch ring in Kalandra League. What Is Kalandra's Touch in Path of Exile and Ho...

9/6/2022 11:28:26 AM

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POE Harvest League (Path of Exile 3.11 Expansion) - Release Date, Mechanics, Unique Items, Skill Gems, New Content, and More

Path of Exile 3.10 is going to end in the near future, GGG has released the announcement involves the development results about the new POE 3.11 expansion, which is set to launch in June on PC and console. Follow goldkk.com to check out the full details of the revealed Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest lea...

6/3/2020 3:36:15 PM

poe 3.10 map sustain

How to Sustain a Specific Map in Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium - POE 3.10 Map Sustain

To sustain maps especially end-game maps is not easy in the Path of Exile, it’s closely related to the map drops. With the approach of POE 3.10 Delirium league and update of 3.10.0, there are some Atlas changes that affects the drop rate through some mechanisms. Here goldkk.com will bring the method...

4/9/2020 5:47:05 PM

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Path of Exile 3.8 Blight Challenge Rewards Guide - POE Blight Challenges & Rewards Details

There are only two days left to the start of Path of Exile 3.8 Blight League for PC players, new challenges and rewards have been revealed, here goldkk.com provides the details of the POE Blight challenges & rewards. Related Read: Path of Exile Upcoming Expansion & Announcement Release TimelinePath ...

9/4/2019 10:52:07 AM

poe 3.8 league

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Guide - Release Date, New Items, Skills, Archetypes Revamps, and More Features of POE 3.8 Blight League

The Path of Exile 3.8.0 expansion announcement finally comes out, GGG has revealed the new challenge league - POE 3.8 Blight League, with a series of new mechanics, items, changes, and features. Now, goldkk.com brings you the all the POE 3.8 expansion contents to familiar the new league faster.Path ...

8/21/2019 5:33:02 PM


Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Fossils Guide - POE 3.7 Fossils Drop Location, Crafting Tips, Dense Fossil Farming & Changes

Path of Exile 3.4 Delve expansion introduces a new crafting solution with the item from Azurite Mine, which is related to Fossils and Resonators. Fossils are a special type of crafting item and POE currency that can be socketed into resonators to modify the crafting behavior in specific ways. Here g...

7/19/2019 5:29:27 PM


Path of Exile 3.7 Elder's Orb Guide - Elder's Orb Best Maps for POE Legion & How to Get Elder's Orb

Elder's Orb and Shaper's Orb are two important POE items to upgrade the tiers of maps in Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds. A Shaper's Orb grants +5 to the map tiers while Elder's Orb can boost any map to Tier 16, but they are untradeable, then how to get Elder's Orb and what's best maps for Elder's Orb...

7/11/2019 11:49:24 AM


Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Jewels Guide - All POE 3.7 Jewels List, Details, Changes & Designing on Legion Jewels

New unique Jewels are introduced in Path of Exile Legion League, you can earn them to modify the nearby passive skills in brand new ways and there are more possibilities for POE builds. Once your unique POE 3.7 jewels socketed into passive tree, the new keystones will be visible. What new jewels add...

6/28/2019 11:57:47 AM


Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Divination Cards Guide - All Poe 3.7 Divination Cards, Rewards Details, Farming Tip And More

the path of exile 3.7 legion challenge league is scheduled to be released on next friday, june 7, 2019. ggg has revealed six new poe legion divination cards yesterday, so there are totally 9 new divination cards announced for poe 3.7 so far. what rewards these divination cards can grant? which card ...

5/28/2019 5:25:53 PM

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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Expansion - Legion Release Date, Melee Overhaul, New Items, Archetype, Map Improvement And More Features

the path of exile 3.7 expansion legion announcement is finally here, which features melee combat overhaul, unique items, new skill gems, new build archetypes, quests, and upgraded atlas map device to improve the game. here goldkk.com introduces all the contents and details of path of exile legion ex...

5/22/2019 10:23:21 AM

path of exile 3.6 currency farming guide

Path Of Exile Currency Farming Guide - How To Earn Poe Currency Fast With Divination Cards, Shaper Maps, Prophecy, Uber Lab In 3.6 Synthesis?

one of the biggest questions that can arise before a player in poe after he got a little comfortable with the game, we realized what trade is and what it is eaten with - how to earn more poe currency to buy poe unique items needed for a build. or start experimenting with something, make more playabl...

4/23/2019 11:17:01 AM

path of exile einhar’s menagerie bestiary reptiles

Path Of Exile Einhar's Menagerie Guide - Blood Altar, Capture Beasts, Menagerie Crafting, Aspect Skills

in this path of exile einhar’s menagerie guide, we cover the missions of einhar, how to capture beasts, how to use blood altar to craft items, aspect skills and more interesting information about menagerie.introduced with the bestiary league, the menagerie brings together all the beasts you capture ...

4/15/2019 5:17:20 PM

path of exile azurite mine guide

Path Of Exile Azurite Mine Guide - Voltaxic Sulphite, Hidden Loot, Farm Fossils And All Information About Azurit Mine

the azurite mine is one of the most popular content from path of exile. in this guide, we explain how to best collect voltaxic sulphite, azurite, poe currency and fossils, and find hiding places and what else to know about azurite mine.with almost every major patch, new content is added to path of e...

4/9/2019 3:55:44 PM


Path Of Exile 3.6 Atlas Guide - Atlas Mechanics, Map Drop Rules, Completion Bonus & Tips For Poe Synthesis Starter

the path of exile atlas of worlds is an endgame map system, through which to progress and earn bonus, what's the poe synthesis map mechanics and how to get more drops? here goldkk.com brings you the path of exile atlas guide 3.6 featuring atlas mechanics, map drop rules, completion bonus and more.pa...

4/4/2019 4:03:33 PM

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