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Path Of Exile Best Trickster Build 3.6 Guide - Trickster Winter Orb, Caustic Arrow And More Popular Poe Trickster Builds

4/25/2019 5:16:57 PM

trickster is kind of ascendancy class of path of exile shadow, a hybrid class focus on dexterity and intelligence. with high speed, damage over time, slippery defenses, good life-sustaining mechanics, trickster is a good choice for poe builds. here goldkk.com introduces poe best trickster build featuring trickster winter orb, caustic arrow trickster build, soulrend trickster build and more.



path of exile 3.6 synthesis best trickster build

here is several selected path of exile trickster build 3.6 with a brief introduction and items recommended, more poe trickster builds and other classes build would be updated on goldkk.com.

1. poe trickster winter orb

- trickster is fast, ascendancy trickster will give you different amounts of increased attack and cast speed, trickster now grants reliable and easy frenzy and power charge generation while channeling and a lot of defenses as well as versatility everything works on the trickster. winter orb is the most popular and smoothest skill in path of exile synthesis league with insane damage and fast map farming function. chaos inoculation winter orb trickster build is recommended, you will need a weapon here a scepter or dagger or a wand and you're looking for spell damage.

- high dps.

- high end-game capabilities.

leveling items:

- helmet: goldrim 

- gloves: lochtonial caress

- amulet: karui ward

- ring: berek's grip

- sceptre: axiom perpetuum

bandit: help alira

check out the video from somayd for trickster winter orb guide details:  

2. poe caustic arrow trickster build

- caustic arrow has been reworked and improved the damage over time effect, make it owns the potential to be used in endgame content and possibly fight with the toughest boss, each caustic arrow needs a bow with additional levels to socketed gems. this is a bow build and you only need one 6-link for the build to function properly

- viable to hardcore league.

- can be played on a budget.

- bow: silverbough offers +2 levels to caustic arrow, which is enough until you acquire poe currency to roll a decent rare bow.

- body armour: kaom's heart, an endgame choice, can be used without any socket-starvation.

- helmet: devoto's devotion, boosts the clear speed when fighting with tough bosses, a rare helmet can be used for better survivability.

- boots: atziri's step or kaom's roots.

- rings: ventor's gamble

3. poe soulrend trickster build

- soulrend is a new skill in path of exile 3.6, give players a chance to play a chaos-based build. the character is designed to be a fast and cheap mapper with great defenses and hardcore viability. trickster brings more to the table than occultist in terms of clear speed and ease of gearing. 

- survival and comfort whilst maintaining a high rate of experience.

- strong defenses.

- fast mapping.

- on a relatively cheap budget.

- league starter viable.

- trade and ssf leagues viable.

- chest: cloak of defiance, cherrubim's maleficence, tabula rasa and belly of the beast.

- gloves: fingerless silk gloves

- boots: three-step assault and ahn's heritage

- shield: ahn's heritage

- ring: essence worm

- belt: stygian vise

- jewel: fragility

there are lots of other options for leveling items in the build, click here to check out the detailed guide and setup for poe 3.6 soulrend trickster build from path of exile official forum.

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