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Path Of Exile 3.6 Nexus Farming Guide - 3 Best Memory Nexus Farming Strategies For Poe Synthesis League

5/21/2019 11:14:08 AM

path of exile 3.6 synthesis league’s launch brought many exciting new mechanics into the game, one of the most attractive mechanics is the memory nexus. while admittedly the memory nexus is a complex puzzle that can overwhelm the best of players. then how to farm nexus in poe 3.6 synthesis? goldkk.com will present you 3 best poe memory nexus farming strategies, which cater to almost anyone from a new player to veteran in path of exile 3.6.

path of exile 3.6 nexus farming guide

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path of exile 3.6 nexus farming guide - 3 best strategies for farming nexus in poe synthesis memory nexus

the memory nexus is an area of poe synthesis league. from here you’ll be able to use the memories you’ve gathered in order to create connections to the memories within the memory nexus. with these fragments, you can connect various reward memories which are scattered around the map, making memory zones more valuable. but how to fast get the nexus or how to farm nexus in poe synthesis? now check this guide you can find out 3 best poe nexus farming strategies. 

reward/boss hunting

the first nexus farming strategy is the easiest of the three and also the most straightforward which called the reward or boss hunting. it is you literally focus on reaching different reward notes or bosses. however where the change is coming up the only way to respawn a new reward nodes or bosses is by requiring or acquiring new memory paths in the open world or whilst mapping. however the changes coming up will also make the strategy more profitable than it already is due to the increase of quantity, and also the increase of pack size of the higher end game at map area levels.

build path/gather pieces for memory modifiers

another way to farm poe nexus is to focus on a specific path that you would like to run where you simply build up extra modifiers on and from the memory modifiers that you can achieve by running the nexus. and what you want to do is basically build a small path where you do not simply run them at all, you just want to activate them and then gather your pieces for memory modifiers elsewhere to stack these modifiers up on the little path that you actually want to run it. when the changes are coming up, the way you want to do it would be to have a cross way, basically a four pathway that you place and then have different areas or  located nodes around this, as the changes coming up means that when you finish a memory modifier you will be able to choose which of these paths piece, that you place whichever modifier is provided by the one you just run and it will also affect the directly connected adjacent pathways.

so we were to choose the specific memory to put the memory modifier on assuming that these are not planned they're actually activated, this one will be provided with a new modifier to it with a limit of maximum up to five additional modifiers, but also any adjacent modifier will also be affected. in this case the undercroft memory in the waterfront memory and the grimwood's memory, so the best way to do this strategy will basically be to connect us from your nexus and build a four pathway with one connected memory pathway, each to this that you want to have activated and preferably you don't want to be in a situation where you have these pathways planned, because they will not be affected by the memory modifier, and you stack up till all of these five pieces the fourth because the connecting one won't be affected. so when all of these five pieces have five extra modifiers through hunting down memory modifiers or elsewhere you then run these for maximum profits.

fractured base item hunting

the last poe 3.6 nexus farming tip is the fractured base item hunting, this is very useful for people who wants to farm the certain things for crafting or simply to do a lot of work to make a lot of profit from running. from these memory modifiers you can absolutely see that they have a separate extra modifier.

separate extra modifiers

what you’re looking for is a specific modifier that increases the either monster level or the items that monster drops. for example, the waterfront memory at the second lower from the bottom modest monster drops items one level higher, this is an 83 area level which means that the white monsters drop item level 83, blue monsters drops 84, rare drops 86, very rare drops 85. and with this monster drop item with one level higher means that white monsters drops area base item level 84, and the blue ones drops 85 and rarer ones drops 86. this is important because most items that you find in most item slots in the game as the highest tiers available modifiers rolled a tight area item level 84 except for chess pieces, and this is mostly used for energy shield best based chess pieces, and that means you want to have a chest piece with item level 86 or higher. but 86 is the lowest you want to have it which means that you can have preferably these area 83 bases which you find from tier 16 maps and you can have the monster drop item amount levels higher to be 3 or by placing them on a piece, which would increase the area level of a monster to drop certain higher item based level. you may find one of these on the volcanic plateau memory and in the middle you'll see  monster drop items and 3 levels higher, so this specific memory modifier.

volcanic plateau memory

this pathway can actually drop item 86 or higher that all white monster drops a minimum of item level 86, so why this is important is that just like the other memory nexus strategies of having the 5 base pieces and sort of connected, as an example that all of these 5 pieces or at least most of them are similar pathways like this one that allows you to drop 86 bases, you can stack modifiers on this when the changes kicks in so that you can run them as heavy as possible and then run them fully till they're all decayed and basically hunt down these higher item level bases, for either for crafting or for profiting now this could be something. 


hope you find these poe 3.6 nexus farming tips informative! by the way, poe 3.7.0 is soon to be released, check our path of exile 3.7.0 expansion guide to first know the new features, changes, melee rebalance for poe 3.7!

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