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Path Of Exile 3.6 Flashback Atlas Strategy - Best Maps To Shape/Elder In Poe Synthesis Flashback Event

5/15/2019 4:52:21 PM

the long-awaited flashback event is finally live in the poe synthesis league with some generous rewards dropped and 11 mods featured! which maps are easy to shape in poe synthesis flashback event? which poe maps offer more drops? check this guide, you can know the suggested best maps to shape and the path of exile 3.6 flashback atlas strategy from tier 6 to tier 11. 

poe 3.6 flashback atlas strategy

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path of exile 3.6 flashback atlas strategy - best maps to shape/elder in poe synthesis flashback event

as the poe 3.6 flashback event is very short, choosing an elder atlas strategy will require a lot amount of time spending and poe currency to bring fully online. for this reason, goldkk.com here will present the best poe 3.6 atlas strategy for most players in the flashback, allowing you to experience best maps to shape and use the elder’s orb on the specific poe flashback atlas strategy in terms of building up a map pool and ssf strategy as well as early league atlas completion, helping you easy to farm poe currency in new poe flashback event 2019!

poe synthesis flashback best maps to shape

now check these best poe 3.6 flashback maps shaping tips: 

tier 6 - burials layer map, vault map, lair map (it’s going to be different depending on if you want currency or if you want the xp).

tier 7 - pier, spider forest, bazaar, estuary, fields, mud geyser, shore

tier 8 - volcano, cemetery, arachnid tomb, toxic sewer, dunes

tier 9 - vaal pyramid, tropical island, canyon

tier 10 - moon temple map

elder orb - there are tons of different options, but ugs is probably the best map for a pretty long time.

note: tere's also city square, dumbo valley, crater desert, spring ashen wood, arcade marches there are also tons of different maps depending on what you're trying to do exp your divination cards or what have you.

poe synthesis flashback atlas strategy/ssf

here are some poe flashback specific strategies that you can do.

- if you're delving or something like that and you get a corrupted white map, usually that's a terrible thing but because the map mods in the free sections that you're getting changed every hour, what you can do is save like lower tier versions of a map or maybe save those corrupted white maps or something and open the map to see what mods are on there at the beginning of the hour, and then once you see the mods that you like you can just run them run a ton of them. some websites do exist where people are, you know it's crowd or community maintained and people will enter what mods are in this particular map, on this particular hour those can be hard, and sometimes they are not updated correctly but you can even do it yourself, you just open up a map.

- for elder versions of a map, if it's a really good hour on like graveyard map or something like that you can go by elder graveyard maps from other players, it could be hard. if nobody's eldering that map, another thing you can do is you can actually use your zana map device to upgrade the map yourself, so you could take the tier 5 version of graveyard and then elder it up, this is only available after you've completed the zana quest line or maybe gotten pretty far into it.

- for 15 chaos in the white version of the map or the normal version of the map, you can upgrade it to the elder version you need to build that can do any map mod right, because it can roll into you reflect or cannot leech or something like that. in general for ssf and early league strategy you can try the tier by tier method, which is to  complete tier 1 before complete tier 2 and then complete tier 2 before complete tier 3, what are the ways that can help with that after you complete certain zana quest, she'll actually offer you a reward and this is a way to pick up kind of some free maps here, and on top of that zana will reset her inventory and sell you maps depending on certain events. so once you do her daily quest or once you reach a certain point in her quest line so check your inventory early and often and make sure you save your chance orbs.

- doing all of your daily missions, they usually reset around 5:00 pm pacific standard time and it's once per day, so our inventory will reset and then you can try and buy more maps and get your atlas completion going.

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hope our path of exile 3.6 flashback atlas strategy guide can help you get the most profit from atlas of worlds in synthesis flashback event, and for more guide please check path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas shaping strategy - best maps to shape/elder in poe synthesis.

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