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Buy Rocket League Crates Items, Play Crate Simulator Giveaway - Win Free RL Keys & Crates, Items, Biggest Discount Coupon

7/26/2019 4:35:46 PM

In order to increase the fun of the game, new special rewards are added to our Daily Rocket League Crate Simulator Giveaway - a new Rocket League Totally Awesome crate is available from RL crate simulator on goldkk.com. Play the safe Rocket League crate opener and join our daily crate simulator giveaway to win free Rocket League keys, crates, items, and biggest Discount Coupons. Meanwhile, cheap Rocket League Totally Awesome crate items are on hot sale here, fast to get Totally Awesome crate rewards in advance! 

Goldkk.com Daily Free Keys/Crates Giveaway On Crate Simulator

We have added a new Rocket League crate Totally Awesome to our RL crate simulator option. Once you registered and logged in, you can freely open the Rocket League Totally Awesome crate, and any other rocket league crates without limit on the number of times you play, your opening will be recorded in the rocket league crates rank each day, every player are probably to win free rocket league keys, crates, items and coupons every day.

Rank On Top List, Win Biggest Discount Coupons, Free Rocket League Keys/Crates/Items

Top 1-30 winners can get 5%-10% Rocket League Discount Code for buying Rocket League items, keys and crates.

1. Top 10 Winners | Rewards: 10% Discount Coupon 

2. Top 11-20 Winners | Rewards: 8% Discount Coupon 

3. Top 21-30 Winners | Rewards: 5% Discount Coupon 

New Totally Awesome Crates As Rewards - Win RL Items, Keys

The Daily Giveaway reward rules are as below, replacing the old crate, you are allowed to win free Totally Awesome Crate and Rocket League keys through opening the Rocket League Crate Simulator.

Top 1 Winner | Rewards: 10 x Totally Awesome Crates and 10 Rocket League Keys

Top 2 to 10 Winners | Rewards: 5 x Crates and 5 Rocket League Keys To Each One

Winners Ranked on 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th … (all the multiples of 25, no limited) | Rewards: 5 Keys To Each One

How To Open Rocket League Crate Simulator

1. Enter the homepage of goldkk.com and log in.

2. Choose the "RL Crate Opening" under the tools option.

3. Select the Crate to open.

4. Click open crates and then wait till it's over. (20 times will be opened each round)

5. Check out the rank and rules on Rocket League Crate rank.

Open Rocket League Crate Simulator

How To Use The Coupon

Put the Code on the blank of “Coupon”, click “Check” to make discount work when you are placing order of RL Items, remember that it works for buying all Rocket League items on our store including Rocket League Keys:

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How To Use The Coupon

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