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Path Of Exile 3.7 Uber Elder Farming Guide - 5 Easy Steps Farming Uber Elder, Currency Farming In POE Legion League

7/29/2019 11:20:38 AM

Farming POE Uber Elder for currency has been one of players’ main ways in the previous path of exile lengths. Not only is it easy to set up but you also get to do the hardest boss in the game and t16 maps. Doing the same map 1000x times in not the way I want to play this game and this lets you do a lot of different things. Here Goldkk.com will bring 5 POE 3.7 Uber Elder farming tips for you to maximize your profits, helping you make POE currency easily.  

Path Of Exile 3.7 Uber Elder Farming Guide

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Path Of Exile 3.7 Uber Elder Farming Guide - 5 Ways To Farm Uber Elder For Currency In POE Legion League 

We're going to talk about how to farm Uber Elder in POE 3.7 Legion, so there's a few things that go into this and how to set it up for you to maximize your profits and how to use consistently not wasting time on having uber elder or the elder influence on different places on the Atlas. That we do not want it because we want to just for marque 16 and just farm Uber Elder as soon as it spawns, so these are a few steps that you're gonna need to do to set it up, and after that it's gonna be super easy to maintain. 

The reason why we're doing this is that farming Uber Elder and t16 are very lucrative. According to Path of Exile Reddit, someone did a thousand Uber Elder runs and those were the kind of stats got out of it and also it drops high-level bases, so if you get a good base or if you get other drops/other uniques that is also good. So there's a lot of good things that can come out of this. Now check the 5 best Path of Exile Uber Elder farming tips for currency. 

Clean The Atlas

The first step for POE Legion Uber Elder farming is to clear our Atlas from all the elder influence we have. So my elder Lewis is right here and I want to clear it from the Atlas, so I have a clean slate and I can easily spawn it wherever, also you might not need to do this, if you can also if you see Geode is next to crimson Temple, if you run Crimson Temple, this elder influence will transfer into this and you can transfer it in the Shaper’s Realm and then go all the way up. But there's too many steps and elder influence and shape rien fluence is very unpredictable, so we're gonna do it the easy way. If you're very close to the center you might be better off just leading it in and then just consistently doing my other technique. When you have done who bear elder the first time but we are gonna do a race, these ones which means that we're gonna need to run them, we don't need to run all of them because as soon as we run Light house for example, that means it's gonna take off the pit map also, so that means we're taken care of too when we do in this Light house, that means we're left with moon temple and Geode which we're gonna need to run. When all of them are gone we have cleared atlas from elder and then elder influence. 

Clean The Atlas

Spawn The Elder Influence 

Coming up the second Uber Elder farming method for Path of Exile “Spawn the Elder influence”. We have cleared elder influence from our map, there's not a single point here there's elder influence and now we're free to put our elder influence wherever we want. So how this work is that for example if I'm using of, if I'm just running curse script here which is a Tier four map that means at some point it can be one map in, it can be ten maps in, we do not know it's all random, but at some point the elder influence is gonna spawn. That means if not it can be over Cursed Crypt Map, but it can also be at any other tier for like the Crater, you can spawn up Pen Map or some of the other ones that like City Square. It's all random where it's gonna spawn, but it's gonna be at the same tier you were running at that point of time, so we can use this to our advantage cuz our tier 16 are all in the middle, so it does not matter which one is sponsored. So as long as we spawn or just running tier 16 Maps it's always gonna spawn in the middle, which means we don't need to lead it anywhere. Also something to take into account is that I'm gonna run my tier 16 elder map in Beach Map. The reason for that is we're gonna use a lot of Guardian maps later on in these stages, we're gonna use it first to do all the special kübra all the Guardians, and then we're gonna need to run it. We basically gonna run two of each map here in the middle as soon as our elder influences spawn which means that we're gonna use a lot of Guardian maps.

Spread The Elder Influence

Now when we have to run our tier 16 map and we have had our elder influence spawn in the middle, it will always spawn at the nearest. The reason why I'm running tier 16 Beach maps is because of the map drops and I had some in my inventory, you can also run any high tier map except the Guardian, you can also run Guardian if you want to. You can also run tier 15 because tier 15 is gonna be very close, so even there's a matter of which tier 15 is gonna spawn there can spawn out, we just gonna need to lead it into the middle, so we got it to spawn at our Phoenix map. So what you're gonna need to do is to run the Phoenix map first, that means it's gonna be elder influenced and now it's very important that you run either Hydra or Minotaur because the elder influence is gonna only spread to adjacent Maps, this means that if you run this one right after it's not gonna influence this one, so run Phoenix first or whatever your elder blob is and then run to the two other a Jason maps and then it doesn't matter as soon as you have affected all of these wood elder.

Spread The Elder Influence

Kill The Elder Guardians 

Then we can start it with the next step kill the Elder Guardians. When we have spread our elder influence all over our tier 16 Maps, this means  the elder Guardians have moved into these maps, so you need to kill all the elder Guardians for the Uber Elder to spawn, so what you're gonna need to do is just pick up all the Guardian maps, this is why we need 8 of these Guardian maps to every time. We're doing this for two just to spread the elder influence and four to kill the Guardians again, so when we have killed them it does not matter in which order you just killed them whatever and when we have done that we're gonna have a Burrell there smack in the middle of this.

Kill Uber Elder

So we managed to kill all the elder Guardians and that means we only have our Uber Elder fight left for us. We're gonna use our fragments of hydra Minotaur shimira and Phoenix to put it in the map device so normal shape around but instead of shaper being there, it's gonna be the Uber of the fight straight into the middle, so you don't need to go in through a hundred different phases or anything like that, you're just gonna get the Uber of the fight directly.

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