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NBA 2K20 Best Shooting Badge Method - How To Get Shooting Badges Fast In NBA 2K20 MyCareer

9/21/2019 12:11:51 PM

Since the NBA 2K20 has been launched, a lot of people have been struggling of getting the badges in NBA 2K20, and some of them have been discussing what is the best and fastest method of getting shooting badges on NBA 2K20 Reddit, Twitter or Youtube. So here goldkk.com is going to bring you the fastest shooting badge upgrade method on NBA 2K20 MyCareer.

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NBA 2K20 Shooting Badges Guide - Fastest Way To Get All Shooting Badges In NBA 2K20

Badges are special abilities or moves that allow players to mix up the gameplay. Since these are special moves, they come inspired by real-life players and have been brought in the game using their moves. Badges allow your players’ abilities to not only finish in style but also pass, defend and make a play during attack or defense. Badges also come in four different rarities, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Hall of Fame Badges.

The badges you should have on when you want to grind MyCareer. Quick-draw is essential range extender is essential, difficult shots this is for fast breaks and hot zone hunter, green machine, volume shooter, which are gonna be the best badges for NBA 2K20. Now this guide will be detailing you how to get shooting badges fast in NBA 2K20. If you have absolutely no badges and you’ve made a brand new player, you can try this method. 

Check the NBA 2K20 best badge method for the shooting badges.


Game Set On 12-Minite Quarters

The first thing you want to do is jump into my career start up a game and to get set up make sure you have it on 12-minute quarters, you can grind almost one shooting badge every single game you play.

We're playing the Raptors and here's how you do it you want to come down the court. You hit left bumper to pull up your plays then right bumper to pull up players and you want to call a guard to come screen for you as soon as the guard sets a screen, you will see your defender back off and that's when you pull your shot a couple things to note. First you need to know how far you have range extender unlocked, if it's at bronze you can take about a foot one step back from the three-point line silver is two steps gold three Hall of Fame for, so you're almost at the hash that's the first thing you need to think about for your setup.

Watching Visual Cue

The second is watching that visual cue again, it's left bumper to pull up the plays and then hold down the button of the player you want to call to come set a screen, I highly recommend you call another guard so that if they do happen to switch still another shorter player who is defending you when you go back on defense. Another key you want to set your defense on to half-court trap or you can even go full court trap that allows you to get stops very quickly and get you right back into the play called grinding your badness. I'm holding B to call for a guard as soon as I see him take a step back that's when I pull my shot.

Now a couple other things to think about if you do get double-teamed on offense it's really simple, you don't have to pull the shot just pass back to one of your other players call for a back and set it up again, so double teams don't worry don't try to force just reset it in the same possession same thing goes if you call for a screen and you don't see your defender step back now they do almost every single time but I have seen once or twice the defender doesn't take that step back quite as far as you want no big deal either dribble back call for the same play or do the same thing as a double-team reset to another player bring it back and go at them.


Hopefully this NBA 2K20 badge method helps you get your shooting badges very quickly in the game! If you have any demand of buying NBA 2K20 MT coins or VC, our store will always serve you with best service. 

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