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NBA 2K20 Archetypes Guide - Best Archetypes & Skills for Each Position and New Features

9/21/2019 4:06:05 PM

After you enter the MyCareer mode in 2K20, you are able to choose one type of player and customize his playstyle by setting up the specific attributes. How does the archetypes system work in NBA 2K20? Which archetypes are the best for each position? Here goldkk.com offers the NBA 2K20 best archetypes and skills for Point Guard, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, Power Forward, and Center.

NBA 2K20 Archetypes Guide - NBA 2K20 Archetypes System

There are five archetypes for each position, so you have totally 25 archetypes to choose from. Here is the all NBA 2K20 archetypes list for PG, SF, SG, PF, and C. 





Sharpshooting   Playmaker

Playmaking   Sharpshooter

Shot-Creating   Sharpshooter

Shot-Creating   Slasher

Playmaking   Shot Creator



Pure Lockdown Defender

Two Way Sharpshooter

Shot Creating Sharpshooter







Pure   Sharpshooter

Sharpshooting   Shot Creator

Pure Lockdown Defender

Two Way 


Slashing Shot




Sharpshooting   Rebounder

Slashing Stretch 4

Shot Creating Post Scorer

Two Way Athletic Finisher

Sharpshooting   Rim Protector


Pure Glass Cleaner

Pure Rim 


Sharpshooting   Rebounder

Rebounding   Post Scorer

Rebounding   Athletic Finisher

NBA 2K20 Archetypes Guide - NBA 2K20 Best Archetypes for MyCareer

How to choose an archetype for the player?

There is not a definitely best archetype for everyone, you can play all the archetypes in MyCareer, while different position would have different requirements, which has an impact on the determination of archetypes. For example, the shooting guard should be able to create a lot of shots for the team, as the same time, good defense are critical to them for steals, so Two Way Slasher is an ideal option for SG position. 

Best NBA 2K20 PG Archetype

Playmaking Shot Creator

Primary skill: Shot Creating

Secondary skill: Passing & Ball-Handling

Best NBA 2K20 SF Archetype

Two Way Sharpshooter

Primary: 3PT Shooting

Secondary: Defending

Best NBA 2K20 SG Archetype

Two Way Slasher

Primary: Driving & Finishing

Secondary: Defending

Best NBA 2K20 PF Archetype

Two Way Athletic Finisher

Primary: Driving & Finishing

Secondary: Defending

Best NBA 2K20 Center Archetype

Rebounding Post Scorer

Primary: Post Scoring

Secondary: Rebounding

NBA 2K20 Archetypes Guide - New Features for Archetypes and Builds

- Each archetype has an individual set of skills, like layups, dunks, passing, steals and more, the archetype will be formed based on how you invest on your attributes.

- Different pie-type charts under Skill Breakdown take Playmaking, Shooting, Defense/Rebounding, and Finishing as four points.

- NBA 2K20 builds can be tested with any overall before finish it. You can achieve a 99 overall faster in the game. 

- All archetypes of the same position have the same height and weight.

- Female character builds are available. 

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